Iron Baba

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  1. [size=x-large]Iron Baba[/size]


    Finishing Moves:
    • Iron Maker (Double Underhook Piledriver)
    • Fujiwara Armbar

    • Rolling elbow
    • Series of elbows
    • lariato
    • multiple power slam variations
    • cravate choke
    • knee strikes
    • snapmare into back kick
    • discuss clothesline
    • hard hitting forearm smashes
    • frog splash
    • big boot
    • full nelson suplex
    • superplex variations
    • german suplex
    • belly to belly throw

    "The Anti-Christ From The South"

    Entrance Theme's:
    Metalica - Small Hours

    Iron Baba (Federation X Champion) : 0 (X-Champion) : 0 (Internet Champion) : 0 (Federation X Tag Team Champion): 1

    History-Iron Baba
    Mathew Rave (Born 24/4/1987) is a Federation X Wrestler better known as his Ring Name Iron Baba created by Testify. He was originally rejected by Stars of X when the brand began, but as the show grew Baba was then hired onto the show

    Debut - Team Warzone


    Warzone - April
    Iron Baba debuted on Warzone 25/04/2012. Baba seemed to be Curt Cutlass's go to guy to deal out pain when he scheduled a match between RA Kyro & Iron Baba, which Baba won, however he 1st appeared on Stars Of X 21/04/2012 when he interrupted a Federation X Championship match between Super Spider & Ryo Akita, with the aid of the Warzone locker room.

    Warzone - May
    Iron Baba and RA Kyro then tagged together to face the "renegade of Warzone" Johnny Hernandez. Hernandez tagged with Ryo Akita. The match ended in no contest when Super Spider invaded and beat up all four men. Iron Baba would then lose to RA Kyro the following week in the opening match. Baba won the rematch the following week due to Cutlass constantly asking for Kyro's attention. Baba became a member of team Warzone. Iron Baba would team with Curt Cutlass and the other confirmed member of Team Warzone to face Hernandez. Baba would get eliminated but Cutlass picked up the win. Baba made an appearance the following week helping Cutlass & Ashraf beat down Luis & Phreak

    Warzone - June
    Iron Baba then took on Luis Boden the following week (In Kayfabe this was due to attack but in reality was due to Seabs & Testify's banter towards one another). Baba would lose to Luis. At Battle Lines, Iron Baba would be the one to secure the pins on all three members of Team Stars Of X.

    Drafted to Stars of X


    Iron Baba was drafted to Stars Of X after he lost a tag team match against then tag team champions, the Bones Brothers. Iron Baba would then compete in the draft battle royal against Joey Saturn, Mike Silva, Johnny Hernandez, Alex Kidd, Spike & Razor. Baba lost the match, being eliminated by Hernandez.

    Warzone - July
    Baba would appear on TNT being chosen to face Hans. Baba lost the match. Two weeks later, Iron Baba appeared on Stars Of X defeating Spike by count out when he chased Joey Saturn through the fans. Iron Baba then tagged with Mike Silva to qualify for the Extreme Rumble at Summer Bash.

    Warzone - August
    The following week Iron Baba faced Joey Saturn which he lost to Saturn via submission.

    Badass Mugs


    At Summer Bash, Iron Baba and Mike Silva continued to team up in the Extreme Rumble. The two however would be eliminated by Phreak and Ryo Akita. Mike Silva and Iron Baba both targeted TNT, destroying the ring asking for appearances on Stars Of X

    Stars Of X - September
    Silva and Baba where put together to face the Tag Team Champions at Breakdown, The Bones Brothers. Iron Baba defeated Butch Bones in a match.

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