Iron Sheik article in Playboy

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Trip in the Head, Mar 30, 2014.

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    I was going to copy nad paste it in a spoiler, but its pretty long.

    Still in the process of reading it as I read the mag on the shitter, but so far its a pretty good read. "Miley Cyrus Ultimate Warriors sister" - GENIUS :awyeah:
  2. What the fuck did I just read?
  3. I've never found the Iron Sheik that funny.
  4. You don't follow him on Twitter. Dude is outrageous.
  5. Iron Sheik in Playboy.. :emoji_slight_smile: Niceee.
    also nice how you can read Playboy while on the shitter.
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  6. TBH its my wifes subscription. I just like to read certain sections (like when they answer questions from readers) and check out where the POTM is from (usually Cali or Florida). Once in awhile they have a sweet celebrity in them, but not enough for me to want to subscribe. The wife actually likes to read the magazine so we get it for her. She usually reads it in the bathroom too ashley.
  7. Great sig
  8. So a fat high turd is being interviewed in a magazine that has classless women posing nude for people to fap to, makes sense :obama:
  9. Classless? We ain't talking bout Hustler here. Playboy is THE classiest of the porn magazines (even High Class, HA). Hell, sometimes it is borderline softcore really.
  10. Good point :obama:
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