Iron Sheik Classically Rips Into Beck

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Feb 24, 2013.

  1. hahaha
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  2. *Eats ice cream, drinks Pepsi Max, checks the forum 1 last time to see if Aids notification-spammed me again before going back to PS3.
    *Sees "Iron Shiek" involved in a thread, quickly opens it.
    *Takes a sip, reads thread, laughs uncontrollably. Spits Pepsi out my nose and into my ice cream.

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  3. He needed all that hate? Shit, everyone hates glenn beck, now even those people are wondering why you gave into him being such a ****. So stupid.

    Isnt sheik like 60's? Imagine that fight, bitch tits beck vs the old man who bruises easily.
  4. Sheiky could make most of the locker room humble right now. He'd make Beck a man!
  5. Careful with wording, beck might still be a virgin.
  6. :haha: rice krispie dick. I think I found who writes Rock's promos
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  7. “%10000 The @glennbeck have raisin balls and rice crispy dick”

    :dafuq; lmfao that one was prety funny
  8. :lol1: Sheik is awesome.
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