Iron Sheik -vs- Rob Ford

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  1. Book it.
  2. Love Shieky. And yes, our mayor is a fat crackhead. Gotta love Toronto!
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  3. Sheik is the true legend.
  4. And Sheik is calling someone out on doing drugs? Same dude who was filmed on tape during a shoot with New Jack ordering drugs. Gotta love sheik.
  5. Sheikie Baby's character is beyond reproach!

    Besides, the green medicine and the beer are far from smoking crack. Not saying they're great, but it's not on the same level. Although I think Sheik has probably smoked crack in his life at some point if not currently.
  6. Pretty sure it was crack they were ordering in the shoot. With New Jack making the order and all.
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  7. lol I thought it was cocaine they were getting, but either way it's hilarious. Is that the one with Honky Tonk too?
  8. Not sure. Pretty sure it was an RF shoot. They are sitting their, talking and suddenly New Jack's phone goes off and its a dealer and the crew just lets the camera roll as New Jack is sitting their placing an order with delivery.

  9. New Jack is out of his mind and ridiculously entertaining as long as it's through a TV screen and not in person.

    Have you seen that video of New Jack beating that 71 year old dude named Gypsy Joe half to death?
  10. I have not and I don't think I want to. I do know that New Jack is legit insane though and it takes equally crazy people like Necro Butcher to wrestle him now a days. I think Samoa Joe backed out of wrestling New Jack which says alot. I have heard most of the stories though.
  11. He's completely unprofessional and as you said, a lunatic.
  12. Thank god he's retired.
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  13. This is the whole New Jack vs Gypsy Joe incident.
  14. I found this little excerpt funny. I'm gonna have to seek out the whole interview:

  15. Holy shit he could've killed him or someone in the crowd
  16. Yep. The dude's out of his mind.
  17. Anyone here seen Beyond The Mat? There's a scene where Paul E is trying to shop New Jack around in Hollywood as a potential leading man. That shit is funny.
  18. Is it worth a watch (the entire thing)? I've been thinking about watching it but I'm not sure.
  19. Yep, it's an awesome look into the behind the scenes going-ons in WWF in '98/99 and you also get an interesting look at some indie promoters, guys coming up from the indie scene and trying to make it to the WWF, interviews with various wrestlers, etc. I think the whole thing is posted over on Youtube.
  20. Sounds pretty cool, I'll watch it when I have the chance. Thanks dude.
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