Ironclad contract

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  1. Im effing tired of they saying that the big show has an ironclad contract that allows him to do whatever he wants yadah yadah yadah...

    Whats the point? if this was the truth wouldnt the big show be able to say "no, i dont want to put my title on the line", or f*ck you im not gonna fight against him or something like that?


    or even more, he could have kicked sheamus´s arse, regardles of the no contact clause....
  2. It's an easy get out so they can't punish him, they have this kind of stuff happening all the time. Sad but true.
  3. It's a stupid throw in fact they needed for one feud. It'll be forgotten if it hasn't already #WWElogic
  4. I, for one, am glad WWE still remembers about this stipulation. I mean, it was introduced months and months ago, so the fact that they haven't just stopped mentioning it at their convenience impresses me. I think most of us hate it when WWE starts something and then just drops it without further mention; so you may be in the minority on this one thread starter.
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  5. It's to remind you that we have years... YEARS of watching show fumble thought matches
  6. Kayfabe wise, when did Big Show acquire an 'ironclad' contract?
  7. Re: RE: Ironclad contract

    When he aligned with Laurr... Laruin... Johnny Ace. Sometime before MITB I reckon.
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  8. The day after Over the Limit
  9. I think could be pretty nice if used wisely, which is not...
  10. It should be used on a more normal size, slimey heel I think rather than Giant who should kayfabe wise punch everyone's head in.
  11. True, a little slimey heel pissing people off and doing crap left and right who can't be punished because he has an iron clad contract works better than a giant, but as mentioned before, it was just for one feud. If they ever have to end the storyline, well, they can simply say the contract expired don't they?
  12. Would be a great angle for "bad influence"
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