Is 2 Jay Briscoe's lucky number?

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    2 years he hasn’t been pinned! 2 time ROH Champion, only the 2nd 2x ROH World Champion, 2nd time the ROH World Title changed hands in Toronto, Canada.

    2 is the theme following Jay Briscoe after he defeated Toronto’s own Michael Elgin to win the ROH World Championship in front of a stunned audience.

    Ring of Honor fans in Toronto and the world, saw live on iPPV that the promises both guys made prior to the match were followed through.

    Jay Briscoe told Michael Elgin that he hadn’t been pinned in 2 years! He warned him in true Briscoe fashion that he wasn’t buying what Elgin was selling. Jay Briscoe brought that Briscoe ass-whipping style, like only he could! Michael Elgin hell bent on setting records as ROH World Champion was not scared, as most are when Jay Briscoe starts barking.

    Both guys at various times had to question if this battle was worth the torture. But in a true testament to the toughness of both, they battled till one man couldn’t get his shoulder up for the 3 count.

    Jay Briscoe now embarks on his 2nd reign as ROH World Champion! He is still over 2 years without his shoulders being pinned. That is one of the most impressive stats in professional wrestling history! As most of you reading this know, being undefeated in any solo or even team sport in over 2 years is unheard of.

    But Jay Briscoe is not in for an easy ride on his second reign. The more time he remains undefeated, the more pressure builds from within. The work in the gym and training in Sandy Fork, Delaware must become tougher and tougher as the pressure mounts. Now to add defending the ROH World Title to that internal pressure must be as legendary as his current streak!

    Michael Elgin isn’t one to sit back and let things happen. He is going to come back stronger, harder and hungrier than ever. The always lurking threat of Adam Cole, combined with The Kingdom is very real. Word in the locker room is that current IWGP Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles is also gearing up to make a run at the ROH World Championship, which something he has never held! With other challengers coming at various angles at all times, Jay Briscoe looks to have his work cut out for him.

    Jay Briscoe changed the course of Ring Of Honor history in Toronto, Canada on Saturday September 6, 2014. At the end of that battle, 2 men shook hands and one stood tall! Jay Briscoe’s 2nd ROH World Title reign, combined with his streak of not being pinned looks to be one for the history books! Briscoe has said 2 years is nothing, he plans on staying undefeated and to take the title from him will take an act of god!

    Whoever comes at Jay Briscoe better come with everything they have and a whole lot more. Because his 2nd time, could be for a very long time!!

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