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  1. Cheeseburger
    After telling Chris Jericho on “Talk is Jericho” that his dream was to one day wrestle in Japan, little did CHEESEBURGER know the opportunity would present itself so quickly. While many know ‘Burger as the affable star that conquered “BRUTAL” BOB EVANS at FINALBATTLE, few know the dedication the Cheesey One has to his craft. And after hearing his modesty throughout the interview, he may not realize it, either.

    You can say he’s driven by Special Sauce.

    Talk to any Ring of Honor star or official and they will tell you that Brandel “Cheeseburger” Littlejohn is the first one in and the last one out at the ROH Dojo and live events. He has become a walking rolodex of wrestling knowledge, able to reference wrestlers, moves, holds, and events with great ease.

    One may see his diminutive size, his small frame, or his nickname as a non-starter for a pro-wrestler, but ‘Burger has shattered all expectations through persistence and hard work. His success in Ring of Honor has done enough to put him on the United States’ wrestling fan’s radar; his success in New Japan in the Tokyo Dome earlier this week, competing with and against legends like Yoshiaki Fujiwara, Jushin “Thunder” Liger, Yuji Nagata, Tiger Mask IV, and others, is proof that anything is possible when chasing a dream when you have a willingness to put yourself in a position to succeed!

    One of the most dedicated Ring of Honor stars, Cheeseburger never turns down an opportunity to train or put himself in a situation out of his comfort zone. As a young trainee, ‘Burger once was asked to be the first to greet the stars of New Japan as they arrived in the United States to compete in ROH. In what would have been an intimidating moment for any young wrestler, ‘Burger embraced the opportunity to be the first to meet some of the world’s best while forming a friendship with Liger. The legendary Liger has taught him the ways of the Shotei palm strike and Cheeseburger’s career has gone nowhere but up since!

    If you have ever attended a Ring of Honor seminar or tryout camp, you may have heard a few of the trainers repeat a Truth Martini phrase: the key ingredient to becoming a star in Ring of Honor is by being undeniable. There has been very few undeniable presences quite like ‘Burger.

    Many in Japan and around the world recognize the Buddhist tradition of honoring the Chinese calendar and each year, the calendar is represented by a zodiac sign. Through this calendar it is said that 2016 is the Year of the Monkey, whose characteristics include being clever, inventive, imaginative, and decisive. For us at, after proving anything is possible in Japan and being completely undeniable in his pursuit of his pro wrestling dream, we believe that 2016 is the YEAR OF THE BURGER!

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