Is 2CW worth checking out?

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Stopspot, Apr 19, 2013.

  1. Basically what the thread says, is 2CW worth watching? They seem to have a solid roster but I have no idea on if the shows themselves are any good.

    Anyone managed to catch some 2CW and can comment on it?
  2. If John fucking Morrison is your biggest star to date to wrestle for you, then no.

    Though they did host the last ever Nigel match vs. Eddie Edwards, so I guess they have some cred.
  3. After watching their last event, it looked as if they got their audio/video from a microwave. Plus, the monotone commentary somehow turns a decent match to a just-below-average match.
  4. After watching about 30 minutes of it I learned: They get there camera's from the late 90's, and that they have the WORST commentary in all of pro wrestling, even little kids in there backyards are more entertaining on commentary, hell, Michael Cole is better on commentary than that guy!
  5. Mike Tenay > 2CW
  6. Read a couple of reviews of this show and it seems to be solid. First match was bad (Cabana) and the commentary was monotone. If it was their first IPPV I am willing to give them a by on camera issues. I'll keep an eye on this promotion to see if it is worth watching.
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