Is Ace fired or not?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. They wrote a report on today saying that possibly HHH could of been saying something else in his near future endeavors line (before Taker interrupted), but they said it's likely he was going to fire Ace. I hope this is part of an angle and won't just be forgotten.

    Anyone have any predictions as to what might happen on Monday?
  2. I think that Johnny Ace will still be the Raw Gm until HHH can fire him properly.
  3. Think you're right. Though, I'd love for HHH to turn heel through this ordeal. I'd want Ace's departure to be epic, the guy is so over for a heel, he deserves more than a HHH burial.
  4. Do you think that'll happen before or after WM?
  5. I think it will happen after WM. Ace is on heat right now. They wouldn't just fire him next week or something.
  6. True, though this is WWE, they've been known to mess up good things lol :emoji_slight_frown:.

    But I think you're right, after WM is the most probable date or even at Wrestlemania if he's involved in something, they've adopted the old man match at mania over the recent years with Vince v Bret and Cole v Lawler.
  7. Well I am a realist, and been know to that word. The WWE has been known to mess up good things and storylines. But sometimes they get back in the game at the right moment I guess.

    Ace wrestle at WM, I just can't see it. I don't think that man has what it takes and most importantly does not have it in him anymore. The WWE may have adopted the old man match at main, however in Vince vs Bret's case was real and personal, while Cole vs Lawler was not needed and just fell flat. No one was into that feud at all.
  8. Amen. I don't want Ace to wrestle at mania' even though I'm a big fan of his. I'd prefer him to be involved maybe outside the rnig as I'm hoping this Jericho feud fits in with who Ace is texting (Steph McMahon hopefully). Would like something original instead of the typical "I want the title" type of match.

  9. Ace does not need to be in a wrestling match period. He is better off just being a Gm or a manager for that matter. I don't know if this Jericho feud fits in with who Ace has been texting, but I will give it time to grow. Steph McMahon needs to get back on TV. I wouldn't mind something original instead of the typical " I want the title" type of match.
  10. I meant outside the ring as maybe the spokesmen of a corporate structure. I don't want him to step foot inside a ring or have any impact, just a figurehead for a original story-line, like the "conspiracy" story-line that was hinted months back. People thought Kliq was returning, or there'd be another corporate structure with Del Rio as champion. Turned out it was HHH vs Punk with Punk losing -.-.

  11. That is something I wouldn't mind Ace doing. Being the spokesman of a corporate structure. That could help the WWE in a decent way.
  12. He's certainly not fired yet, and I really hope he isn't fired any time soon. He's been the best thing about Raw ever since taking over as the interim GM
  13. Ace isn't fired and don't expect him to be until after EC.
    He'll probably screw Punk at the EC then get fired on RAW the day after.
  14. Agree to be honest. I'm normally a guy who's massively into good mic work, he hasn't got good mic work so I have no idea why I like him so much. Think it's because he's basically a troll. So bad he's good.
  15. I think it'd be amusing if for various circumstances he avoids it week in week out! keeps txtin the mystery person keeps tryin to screw punk it'd be epic!
  16. It's a part of his character I think to not be amazing on the mic. It's all in his slow, deliberate delivery and it adds to his character. The fact that it's so easy to see he's a scumbag, but he's desperate to be accepted and liked is hilarious. When he proudly proclaims in a low, monotone voice that he is 'Mr Excitement' it's comedic gold. When he told Eve to shut up, when he forced Ryder to have a match when his back was 'injured', this week when he was fully prepared to kiss HHH's ass (chapstick and all) are some of my favorite moments on Raw lately. He couldn't play the character any more perfect
  17. totally agree despite his boring persona he gets over by bein so desperate to be liked by everyone! comedic gold hell yeah!
  18. Agreed. I like it when he screwed Punk over by stopping the match (when Punk was about to win) and kick Vickie out of the arena. Purposely screwed Punk but acted like it was a legit way of helping. I love Mr Excitement :surprised: