Is ADR as over as we think he is?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Mar 12, 2013.

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  1. They're seemingly trying their best to make it look like it, but I never see him over in many matches and when he wins the crowd don't seem fussed. For the first two shows of his face-turn he was decently over, but that was because he was in a Spanish speaking city or something right? Close to home anyway, where he could interact with the fans easier.
  2. Hardly a surprise, guy's never really been over and is only being pushed for backstage reasons. Hate that.

    Thought they had a great character for him going when he was going out and geniuinely helping Ricardo every week. Now he's Superface #5 carrying around a bucket, 15-0 in 2013
  3. Yeah, although face ADR is still relatively fresh enough for my taste, it won't last long. As Rain said, he's getting closer and closer to that old superman state.
  4. I liked him better as a heel. He can't pull the crowd as good as a face.
  5. He seems over to me. He's only been a babyface champ for a couple of months, let's give it time.

    Complaining about him being a superface is silly because it's only been a couple of months and all babyfaces they want to push as strong champions end up going on long winning streaks anyway. Hogan lost cleanly by pinfall only once during his original run. People complained about Sheamus's title reign last year, but aside from Kane's one day title reign, Austin's first run at the top in 1998 had him keeping the belt just as long minus only one month. Cena did great numbers in 2006/2007 during his longest title reign ever.
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