Is AJ cancer?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by leojay, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. Every feud she's been involved in has impacted it in a shitty way. Bryan and Show, Bryan and Sheamus, Bryan and Punk and now Cena and Ziggler. With the exception of Bryan/Show, these feuds alone would of been great, however she has at times made them awful regardless of the match quality.

    Who else thinks she's a cancer to good feuds and should just go and be a diva instead of a slut valet?
  2. Yes, yes she is. Fuck AJ.
  3. She's like that red headed step child that you can't get rid of..... NVM that's Sheamus
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  4. She should just wrestle in the Divas division and try to bring the match quality up.
  5. She should be wrestling regularly, she's really over and it'd be better than her awful storylines.
  6. I just think she has too much TV time and her character is getting stale. Even with this heel turn.
  7. I wish they would let her just wrestle. I think she should be holding the belt, not Eve. The whole soap opera thing was cool for a while but now its getting out of control. They made her seem like Kelly Kelly in real life... You know, hooking up with many members of the locker room in a short time. Its a shame. They should be using her in the women's division where she is needed, not adding sugar to already sweet feuds.
  8. Yeah I agree. I'd like to see her wrestle more so she could help give the Diva's division some significance. She is pretty over and could help them out. I also agree that she is becoming stale even with her heel turn.
  9. No AJ isn't cancer the WWE Creative team is cancer, AJ just the victim. :Sad:
  10. FFS creative team let her fucking wrestle already and enough with the god damn love storylines for her. It is about damn time she starts feuding with the divas. Shit!!! :pipebomb:
  11. I remember watching Punk/Bryan from MITB, and she ruined what could've been a bonafide all-time classic. I almost puked, true story. So pretentious.
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  12. They use her wrong. They need to put her in the Diva's division and have her feuds there for she can be in ring and not look like a slut and superstars like Ziggler, Bryan, Punk, etc. can work on their own since they are already good at that.
  13. They need to let her wrestle ffs. HELLO WWE IT'S A WRESTLING SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!

    But seriously the Divas suck Eve has gotten boring get AJ in that division wrestling and bringing match quality up an the amount ppl care. As someone states above AJ is popular so ppl may care bout the Divas if AJ actually wrestles plus with the possible arrival of Paige soon we defo need AJ wrestling as Paige/AJ bouts just have a future.

    As I'm typing this AJ has jus kissed DZ seriously wtf WWE has the writers got no respect for women what so ever as it doesn't look like it.
  14. This
  15. I think they're setting her up for something bigger. Idk, I'm getting that feeling just because of her bringing out Langston, but who knows.
  16. She's a man, man! [​IMG]
  17. AJ's a man now? :dawg:
  18. Movie trailer voice:

    In a world where one woman has kissed all the men alive. She must make the ultimate choice.......give up her addiction or.........

    Become a man baby!

    When there's no man left to kiss, kiss yourself!

    Spring 2013

    (I guess I'm tired, that was horrible lol)
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  19. I think AJ is awesome. I love her character.
  20. In addition to bringing some much needed attention to that division.
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