WrestleMania Is Albert Vs Jack the worst Smackdown Wrestlemania main event?

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  1. We have two men who have a history of struggling for heat and fan reactions. Albert's current title reign is a bust. Fans do not care about him. Jack Swagger's recent history has been hurt by losing streaks, bad bookings, and a bad world title reign.

    I cannot see the wrestling community being interested in this main event.
  2. Both are good wrestlers so it will be a good match and it will not be the main event, given this whole Swagger drug bust we might not get this now or we still could get it but it might be a 18 second thing again
  3. Alberto's face turn has worked great, mainly because he actually seems geniune with his care about the fans and Ricardo.
    Zeb's drawing heat for Swagger and this gimmick's the buzz of the wrestling community.

    Granted, I'm not interested in the match or buying Swagger as a main eventer whatsoever because of all the things you mentioned, but the rest of the forum seems to be. So, guess we're in the minority.
  4. No it isn't. Just because of one reason, now Raw and Smackdown are the same, but yeah, it might be the worst WHC main event in wrestlemania EVER
  5. Decent wrestlers overall, but I guess it isn't. After all, we've had some crap like Cena vs. Edge vs. Show , lolz.

    So, no it is not.
  6. I was actually looking forward to it, but looks like Swagger just ruined the biggest push of his entire career, there is a big possibility that the match won't happen now, expect Henry to "injure" Swagger on Monday or at SD to take his spot in the title match.

    Swagger is an idiot!
  7. The world title is normally Smackdown's WM main event match.
  8. This guy has a knack for saying really dumb shit I guess.
  9. Since the brand split happened, seriously can't think of a worse one. Only one that comes close is Cena/JBL at WM21
  10. I'm not pumped really about the build, but the match itself should be great. Both of them are fantastic wrestlers. Both of them also have relatively interesting gimmicks that work REALLY well with each other (Mexican face who cheats to win vs Racist Mexican Hater). I'm unsure how you can call ADR's face turn a flop though. It has helped his career and character a lot, and he is over with the fans. As a heel his gimmick was so one dimensional and no one cared about him at all.

    Though I'm not really keen on him being the top face of the brand; slightly too soon for that in my opinion. He would have been a great midcard face, but the Latino fanbase is too large for WWE to shove him into mediocrity divisions.
  11. I'm actually excited about the feud and the match itself. The reason being is because Alberto Del Rio's face turn has been amazing, and has worked perfectly, additionally, Jack Swagger has a new persona, Zeb Colter and has been receiving heat. If you mix the both up, you'll receive an amazing match at WrestleMania.
  12. My thoughts as well. What's not to like? Both have good gimmicks that just so happen to clash. ADR is getting over as a face big time. Swagger/Zeb draw heat. Both are great workers.

    It will be a good match, ADR wins, Swagger does a beat down w/ Zeb, Ziggler cashes in, probably a triple threat at ER between the three w/ ZIggler retaining. ADR goes on to feud with someone else and we get a nice Ziggler/Swagger feud. Money.

    And since I know WWE reads my shit and takes my advice on how to book ADR, you can bank on this happening. ::waives to camera:: you're welcome, Vince!
  13. DESTINY! :ADR:
  14. No, it's not. Their gimmicks are a perfect match and both have been working very well singularly as well, both face ADR and new Swagger with Zeb. And the SD/Raw division is virtually nonexistent anyway.
  15. No, not at all. If anything, what they're doing is pretty genius and could make both men into much bigger stars.

    Because of the nature of his gimmick and with an amazingly strong backing with Zeb Colter, I'm sure Swagger will start getting massive heel heat heading into Wrestlemania. He's already kind of broke into mainstream media with it, and its only been showing for three weeks(?). It's controversial, it's helping Swagger get over his past.

    And then there's Del Rio, who can only benefit from this. He'll go into WM as the hero stopping the stupid ignorant American racists. It's beneficial to both of them, and will build tremendously on both of their characters. Plus, I'm sure the match will be outstanding given the wrestlers in question.

    Also, I just want to say bad losing streaks mean nothing. They've proven in the past they can taken someone who barely ever wins and has a very silly gimmick and put them on a dominant path of destruction. Take Mark Henry for example, who was the happy go lucky bright red tight wearing wrestler who tagged with MVP who then turned into the dominant hall of pain giving monster we know today. It took him FOUR MONTHS to become a legit looking main eventer and win the World Heavyweight Championship from Orton. With the right gimmick and push, they can turn anyone around.
  16. Best part will be when Ziggler Cashes in on Swagger and wins, then promotes a post-mania feud!
  17. You're dumb.
  18. Someone edit the title,thought this was about Tensai....
  19. Far from it. Your opinions are shit.
  20. It definitely looks to be one of the weakest but I think it's best to wait and see if there is any major build up leading into the WrestleMania match rather than jump to conclusions. The Word title being involved in their programme is going to draw in a lot of attention so it will be interesting to see what WWE do with it in the coming weeks.