TV Is anybody watching "Making a Murderer"?

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  1. Curious. Watched two episodes of it and currently think I'm the best detective on the planet.
  2. Nope, but I'll prolly check it out.
  3. Watched it all another great tv series but don't wanna say much more in case i give anything away
  4. It was an interesting take on Aids' family to say the least.
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  5. From Wi, saw it the first day. Check out the subreddit, they actually have a lot of great threads and information for both sides - you should watch the full Doc first as most of it would be spoilers.
  6. I'll watch all of them and then get involved in the deep shit. I have, however, watched a couple recent news interviews with the defense attorneys who claim there is information missing from the documentaries. Not too keen on that.

    Without spoilers and such, what do you guys think? Did he murder Teresa or not?
  7. I think the point of the documentary is the proof of guilt. I don't think it's close. Also keep off some of the news if you can, a LOT of the sweaty shit you read about has been far passed debunked. Enjoy the documentary and then dig in, the media split has been as opposed to each other as far as guilt/innocence.
  8. The whole series makes you feel like he's innocent, they sorta point you in that direction. From their standpoint it does make me feel like he's innocent, but I'd want to read into both sides more to fully give my opinion.

    I do however think that
    Brandon, the slow kid that gets introduced a couple episodes in, is completely innocent.
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  9. I saw a 90 second trailer and felt I had the gist. Why is it 10 eps? An hour doc could have covered that shit lol
  10. it uses parts of like 140 hours of trials over a span of 23+ years, with the last decade involved in one episode. You should be better than deciding anything on a 90 second trailer. Look at how many shit movies have had amazing trailers. Check it out, read into it before deciding, go to IMDB or Rottentomatoes ask your friends etc. It's a great documentary that is biased in the defendants behavior, but the main points on the story are how fucked up the justice system was and has been allowed to be...all the Way around the WI courts. I would bet you are juiced after the end of the 2nd episode. You make the bet bro.
  11. Saw this on Netflix. Might check it out.
  12. I'll watch an ep but again this content isn't interesting enough for me to be gung ho about 20 hours of that shit
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  13. Watched it, think he did it. Poor investigation, deserves retrial, especially brendan
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  14. Heard about this, didn't even know what it was about until now. I might check it out.
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  15. Interested to hear from those who think he did it. Why do you believe he did?

    I've watched about 8 episodes now and I'm still in the "he didn't do it camp". I completely agree with whoever said that the documentary leads you to believe he's innocent, but if you remove yourself from that direction, you still can't help but agree with some of their points. There are so many points that make you doubt he murdered it. Hell, without any evidence in the slightest and simply basing it on a personality judgement, you can tell he isn't a genius who can clean as much of the wreckage that has seemingly been cleaned. You can tell more or less from the phone conversations he believes he is completely innocent and is being screwed yet again. He has a really low IQ so it wouldn't be hard to find someone like that out.

    Brandon cannot be used as evidence either. Was it a coincidence they targeted Steven's alibi who has learning difficulties? Is it a coincidence they made sure he was not represented by legal attorney at the beginning or even from his own monther (at 16 years old)? His attorney was an absolute fucking bellend as well.

    Currently, I don't think he did it. I could write why all day. However, I'm going to watch the last two episodes I have left and then whore reddit to find more out.
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  16. Watched one episode, it was interesting but idk if I really want to watch more. lol.
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  17. The documentary doesn't tell you she had told ppl he creeped her out. He private called her, pretended the car was for his sister. He is quoted while falsly imprisoned saying "all bitches must suffer for this " There is a ton if other stuff I ran into when I Googled the court transcripts. Just Google it, they got the entire thing on there.

    Now. Should he have been proven guilty? No, shItty investigation, poorly handled. I don't believe brendan had anything to do with it. Dude just wanted to get out to watch wwe bro
  18. 1) the van WAS his sisters, we know because the voicemail left on the answering machine was AT barb's house and was for her.
    2) He wasn't quoted anywhere but Kratz, it's all hearsay and is literal bullshit without a name.
    3) She mentioned to the coworker in a different way than was spun in the media, read the transcript for that one also.
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  19. If you want him to be innocent then you can spin things anyway you want. Evidence is clearly thete, it was obtained in a sketchy way. He requested her specifically, he made calls after she shown up asking why she never came then switched it up. Look up more. I'm all for letting a man go free, I've been to jail, I hate the system, but he murdered her. He's a weird dude. Fuck him
  20. I am going off the transcripts, and you are adding to your argument that I just refuted. He called and used *67, I saw that. I don't think he is completely innocent, but Brendan is.

    Do you think he was proven guilty? I just try to put myself in his shoes, clearly a grip of the evidence is fabricated, and to top it off the press release from Kratz gave 0% chance of looking innocent in the eyes of the public your jury is being chosen from. He needs a new trial, and the prosecution should have to prove it, I doubt they need all the BS extra's for it, but with this circus who knows.

    What is most important is the people who were being deposed in his former suit be put on the stand again and charged themselves, as 2 have already admitted guilt in at least one case recently in their interviews via magazines.
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