Politics Is anyone here against the legalisation of weed, or weed in general?

Discussion in 'Serious Topics & Debates' started by Crayo, Oct 19, 2012.

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  1. These threads can sometimes turn into political warfare and utter grossness, but please keep it mature. I simply want to know if anyone here is against the legalisation of marijuana (weed) and why? Or if you are against weed in general, then I would love to just discuss it maturely with you.

    Personally I'm a big believer that it should be legal, as you get many more positives than negatives going down that route, in my opinion.
  2. I'm definitely not against it. Hell, I think the war on drugs in general has been a failure and am open to the possibility of legalizing/decriminalizing all drugs and trying to regulate them as best as possible. In regards to weed, when drugs like cigarettes and alcohol (which can and do cause more harm than weed ever could) are legal, it becomes silly and a complete waste of time, energy and money to charge or lock people up for weed.

    And I'm not just saying this because I'm a stoner or something because I've honestly never smoked weed once in my entire life. Just using common sense.
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  3. I'm for legalization as I consider it to be of less harm than alcohol or tobacco, aslong as procedures are in place to make sure it's of a good quality of course. Not going to shout from the rooftops either way however if that makes sense, I have an opinion but it's not high on my political agenda so to speak.
  4. Liked, pretty much summed up my opinion on weed. Legalizing all drugs though is a different thing, something I'm not for.

    Edit: Seabs ninja'd me, post intended for Kevin, but can be aimed at Seabs too :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  5. I've never taken a cigarette in my life, so this probably isn't the right thread for me. I know marijuana has its medical benefits but I'm against it being legalized. If IIRC doesn't marijuana contain over 400 different types of chemicals some of which can be harmful?. Doesn't it also delay puberty? I may be wrong I'm trying to remember from my school days.
  6. No not at all. It's a plant, it is natural, there's nothing wrong with it. It helps you, it's just some people take advantage of it, like people do with everything. Marijuana can be used for so much good things, and of course there is some bad, but alcohol is legal and it's way worse then marijuana. Marijuana is a pain reliever and a stress reliever, it has some side effects, like everything does, but it is also natural. I don't smoke it because I don't need to, but I don't mind if others smoke it. If drinking is legal then marijuana should be legal too. From what I've seen musically people who smoke pure weed, like example Bob Marley, he smoked marijuana, and what did he do with his life? He preached about freedom, equality, even when he was hated. The dude took a bullet and came on stage a few days later not giving a fuck, if marijuana can heal me that good give me a joint when I get shot ASAP. That's an example of a man who smoked PURE marijuana and lived his life well. That isn't bad at all, and I know others who smoke pure marijuana and are calm and cool.
  7. Alot of the stuff they teach at school is basically propaganda I reckon, just saying it's bad because we say so and here is the reason why without offering up both sides. Abusing it can cause severe paranoia and a few other nasty side effects but this should be treat in the same vein as abuse of alcohol can cause liver failure and tobacco in a similar way with the lungs. Just an IMO of course.
  8. I think so too, but obviously I can't comment on the effects of Weed, Alcohol or smoking as I've done none of them in my life. I'm sure they like to blow things out of proportion a little bit but I'm still sure there is a risk somewhere exactly like alcohol and other drugs.
  9. Completely against it, and those who smoke it.
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  10. There is a risk absolutely but as you say there is a risk with other legal drugs. The one question I've never had answered really was why is alcohol and tobacco legal but weed isn't, despite it being a lesser threat from what I've seen. It could even be a strong earner if they taxed it in a similar way to the others.
  11. Everything has a risk, other pain killers, other stress relievers, everything does. Marijuana is a plant made from the Earth, to me it's a much better choice to choose something natural like that.
  12. People need to remember too much of anything can cause those effects, especially with the likes of alcohol, tobacco and caffeine. The argument to legalise weed isn't really about weed being no harm, because there are studies which have evidence for it increasing paranoia, it's about how people aren't listening to the law and many many people are smoking something which is arguably much better for you than the legal alcohol and tobacco. No one has ever died on weed overdose, or anything to do with weed, but many have died due to alcohol and tobacco.

    Weed is genuinely medicine for physical and psychological problems. My sister takes marijuana because it calms her down (she's type 1 schizoaffective disorder) instead of her prescribed medication. Some take it because it helps them walk and stuff like that. I've never heard of people taking tobacco to ease their life, unless you count the "it reduces stress" argument which I still think is bullshit but there's no point discussing that here.

    The point is, the positives are great. If it was legal there would be no drug dealers dealing weed, which means teens get uncontaminated weed instead of the contaminated stuff you can get from dealers. There would also be a lot of new jobs for the shops where you would sell it. There is much more positives too but I don't want to seem bias and start persuading you as this was a thread based on my curiosity, lol.
  13. Marijuana could cause you to be lazy as fuck though. Just throwing this in here...
  14. Caffeine causes you to be hyperactive as fuck too, lol. Laziness is probably the lesser of two evils there.
  15. for decriminalization not legalization
  16. Scientists have also proven that when you smoke weed, it sparks the creative part of your brain. Other drugs do this as well - the Beatles used LSD when writing much of their music, as did Steve Jobs (I think) when he came up with his ideas for Apple computer. But again, weed is a lot less harmful than any of the harder types of drugs.
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  17. Isn't it already decriminalized? Or is it just in the UK? I'm not even sure if it is here but I know if you're caught with it, it just gets confiscated, but if you are caught dealing it then you are in trouble.

    In my opinion it's legalisation or nothing, decriminalising it doesn't really help the cause that much.
  18. it's legalized in some states, idk about decriminalized.
  19. Isn't there a certain limit? If you have under a certain amount your charged with possession which is basically a slap on the wrist and over you are charged with possession with intent (really not sure of drug laws in jolly old)
  20. I have no idea on your state laws and such. I know (from Akala's lyrics) that a lot of black men specifically are locked up due to possession, where as the middle class aren't so much. But that's just political rap lyrics.
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