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All Elite Wrestling comes our way live from Jacksonville, Florida. Last week, everyone fawned over Chris Jericho, Will Hobbs got an offer he could refuse, Jack Evans & Angelico got to wrestle on Dynamite, The Young Bucks kicked a camera man, the women got less than ten minutes, and Cody won the TNT Championship in a kinky, blood spattered dog collar match.

This Week’s Headliner:​

Finally, Jon Moxley will face Lance Archer for The AEW Championship. After a Covid scare and some creative booking we are finally here...I just don’t know who still cares.

It seems really clear, considering the fact that there is an AEW Championship Tournament taking place soon to crown a number one contender, that this match is a place holder match. Lance Archer and Jake The Snake are a dynamic team, but they don’t exactly scream MAIN championship material just yet. The person that takes the belt from Moxley will need to be someone of prestige and consequence. Someone that furthers the mythos of AEW Dynamite and is a big pay-off for the weekly watcher. Someone like Adam Page or Kenny Omega.

But hey. Just because the title won’t change hands doesn’t mean this won’t be a fun match. Moxley is a wild card and Archer is a monster. Plus, they have history facing each other in Japan!

The Title Scene:​

Last week, Cody defeated Brodie Lee for the TNT Championship in a bloody, brutal dog collar match. He definitely earned that respect back and then some! Unfortunately for The Dark Order, they have been squarely repositioned as a non-threatening entity. They just don’t make cults like they used to!

After the match, Cody gave an impassioned speech to the audience, denying a heel turn (denying that dark hair = vampire...Idk seems like a thing a vampire would say) and saying that he’s sticking with them. To prove that he’s a fighting champion worthy of their love and devotion he’ll defend his title against non other than crowd favorite Orange Cassidy!

I actually think OC has a good chance of winning the title. Cody came back to get his championship back, but also to enact revenge on Brodie Lee. Now that he’s done that, we don’t really need another Cody title reign. Orange Cassidy has been on a hot streak ever since he dunked Le Champion and has more than proved that he’s championship material. Also, can you imagine an OC open challenge?!? Hopefully, Cody gets out of the way and let’s someone else on the roster shine for a while.

Last week in an embarrassing, yet totally expected, lack of planning Dynamite had a single women’s match that lasted approximately ten minuets from music to end INCLUDING A COMMERCIAL BREAK. That’s more than embarrassing. That’s disappointing. Tonight, they have a chance to rectify that wrong as The AEW Women’s Championship will be defended by Hikaru Shida against Big Swole.

While there is no real storyline behind this match, this match is the payoff for months of Big Swole carrying the division while barely getting a chance to wrestle. Her feud with Britt Baker was endlessly entertaining and every time she gets in the ring (when they actually book a women’s match) she always delivers. Not to mention the fact that the crowd loves her. Shida has been a fine champion, but the curse of the AEW Women’s Championship is that the writers stop knowing what to do with you once you get the belt. It happened to Riho, it happened to Nyla and it happened to Shida.

Considering that, I’m torn on who I want to walk away tonight as champion. On one hand, I think Shida has done everything she can to help the division in this particular reign and that Swole would be a welcome shake-up to the championship. But on the other, I am terrified that Swole will win and then they writers will suddenly forget how to write. Maybe she has what it takes to break the curse, however, and, frankly, any change is good change in this stagnant division.

Despite their best effort to avoid this, The Weenies, I mean the Tag Team Champions, FTR, will face the number one contenders, The Best Friends, tonight on the anniversary show. FTR has been ducking Trent & Chuckie for weeks, but with unerring persistence and a little help from Tony Kahn, they will finally get their opportunity. The Best Friends have been unstoppable as of late, and although they are still very much “back yard comedy” wrestlers it hasn’t effected their win/loss streak. In fact, it may have given them the edge. No one expects a comedy wrestler to throw you through a car window!

Sadly, I don’t think The Best Friends walk away with gold tonight. Since the moment they debuted to AEW Dynamite, they’ve been on a one way road to facing The Young Bucks. Now that the Bucks are all moody and mean, they are more likely to TAKE the opportunity to become tag team champions instead of waiting around and playing backstage politics. It’s happening sooner, rather than later.

Hopefully, Trent & Chuckie get in some good weenie shots before they lose.

Other Things to Keep an Eye On:​

-A Kenny Omega & Adam Page’s prolonged break-up segment

-More Miro on a quest to make Kip’s bachelor party the best one ever

-People in the audience not wearing their masks right

-The unfolding bromance/fight between Jericho & MJF

-More AEW World Championship Tournament information and teasers

Tune into AEW on TNT at 8 p.m. EST to see how this all plays out!

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