Is anyone off to the Uk tour of Raw and Smackdown???

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  1. I dont know if this belongs on this page, but is anyone going to any of the Raw or Smackdown events in the UK in November???
    Im going to the Smackdown taping in Birmingham on 6th Nov and was wondering if any other UK fans are going to either the event im going to or any others around the UK??
  2. Funny how I was about to book tickets for the Birmingham tour but the best seats had sold out and I am not paying over £100 for standing tickets.
  3. I'm not going. A bit difficult for me.
  4. Haha Brazil is in the UK, isn't it? :lol1: assuming crayon and xanth wont be going, xanth has school and crayo won't be to any event without KellyKelly involved.
  5. I paid about £80 for 2 tickets, they were £35 plus £8.40 booking( £4.20 per ticket) and a £2.25 transaction fee.

    They arent the best seats in the world but wont change the fact it will be a awesome night
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  6. I live in San Diego :boss1: will be in a live event one day, hope you people in Europe enjoy the superstars and divas of WWE, because we'll get them back soon enough.
  7. Too far :emoji_slight_frown:.
  8. What the nearest to cornwall they go? London?
  9. how about australia????
  10. no i wont be going :sad: