Is being a jobber really such a bad thing?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Neptune, Mar 24, 2016.

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  1. I know people complain and stuff, and they do this for sports across the board even.

    I'd like to think of it this way... a jobber may be a jobber, but they are getting paid well, get to travel, and most get TV time. I think it is better to be a jobber on TV with a big world wide known company then to be a super star on an indie show that not many people know about, where you still have to have a second job to make ends meet.

    Like jobbing in the NFL or the NBA... Regardless of what we think, they are still getting paid and better than they would at a lower level, less known league.

    What are your thoughts?
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  2. Ryder jobbing on TV would still get him on my TV. I'd be down. Too many times the word jobber is thrown around, because their record is poor or have too many losses (Ziggler is an easy example) but most nights they look strong...a real jobber looks weak as hell continuously and really Slater is the only one I can think of who fits that context.
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  3. Brooklyn Brawler for HOF
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  4. I think most guys/girls are just happy to be in WWE.
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  5. You're probably right, but I'd say it varies from person to person. You can have a guy like Cody who seems to love his gimmick even if he loses a lot, or you can have a guy like Cm Punk, who was one of the top stars, but was miserable all the time and wanted to be even higher.
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  6. I mean they could make more money if they were given the chance to shine.
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  7. Dolph Ziggler has had a great cv despite being a ass cape clown turd. Power to him

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  8. He may job but considering the amount of tv time he gets and how he is constantly being used to back the company, he is no jobber to me.
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  9. Not all the guys can win all the time. Someone has to be the jobber
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  10. Being a WWE star is not as luxurious as it sounds. Unless you are at the absolute top of the company, you have to pay for your own travel, lodging and any food outside of what is provided backstage at catering out of your own pocket. Even if you work every show you're probably not walking away with super chunks of money every month left. Especially if you have a family back home.

    Higher up on the roster, higher pay. Paul London put it like this "I only started making money in wrestling once I left the WWE" (Paraphrased).

    Your position on the roster probably doesn't matter if your dream is being in the WWE (but anyone who's in ring and doesn't dream about being in the main event probably lies). But there's no denying that being a "jobber" pays less. But there's no shame in being one. Jobbers are necessary since someone has to work with the "stars" and make them look good, sometimes better than they are. Guys like Slater, Axel and such are probably some of the most important cogs in the machinery since they can be thrown out there and work absolutely anyone. Multiple men made careers out of it.
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  11. It's not, but some people don't fucking deserve the title "Jobber." Dolph Ziggler for example seems like the next [Bad Ass] Billy Gun, but they're treating him like a Jobber here and there.
  12. It's a great gig whether you're a jobber or not, but if your goal is to be at the top... It's gotta be tormenting. They're competitors after all and have goals of being a champion.
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  13. Wrestlers are wrestlers because they want to wrestle. The fact that many of the WWE's guys started on the indies and other smaller companies for years and even decades show they don't really care, just, about the money.

    Wrestlers want to be on TV in a good position and want to be apart of the show they've trained and traveled relentlessly, to be on. Saying that just because they get to be on TV and get paid is a major understatement. Also, about the money. There is really no money unless your on TV everyweek and on every house show and partaking in storylines. I don't have hardcore facts, but the most a jobber gets paid is a small bonus for being there and his down payment.

    Not to mention the image. Being known as a jobber is embarassing. Brooklyn Brawler will always be known as a jobber. Being someone that's known for being the guy who lost every day on TV, is a horrible thing if you're a wrestler.

    It may seem like the highlife but for people who've spent years upon years preparing to do something great, being a jobber isn't that good.
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    If you're like the other 99.9% of people within the wrestling business who get into it to become a star, build a worthwhile legacy for yourself and get rich doing it, then being a jobber sucks. You don't win matches, you don't get pushed, you don't get paid that well (WWE superstars in general don't make as much money as people think they do, especially after covering most of their traveling expenses and whatnot... Batista even told Jericho on his podcast that until he won the WHC from HHH in 2005, he was still borrowing money here and there from people just to get by), and you're pretty much the bottom of the barrel. There's a reason 'Jobber' is such a dirty and vilified word within the industry. Remember how much Owens and Cody lost their shit when the recent TE winner tweeted #TheSocialJobbers (in references to The Social Outcasts) during Raw a couple months back?

    Of course being a jobber is a necessary role to fill. So is being a plumber. That doesn't mean you want to be the one that has to do it.
  15. Eh. I think it should only be frustrating if the jobber in question is really talented. I mean, being hired by the WWE and making a bunch of money really should be enough depending on your talent level.
  16. What's wrong with being a plumber? What do you do that's so amazing lol
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  17. It's not a bad thing.. As long as they get a paycheck. Money is what it's about.. Everyone is in WWE for the money.
  18. The Miz talked up how much he loved putting over the Rock on that Survivor Series, and taking a Peoples' Elbow was on his bucket list. Could you imagine if the Social Outcasts get taken down by Hogan, Austin, Rock, and Cena? That would make their lives! :yay:
  19. Most wrestlers are grateful The Rock (and legends like that) would even get in the ring with them, only a true **** would complain and bitch :pity:
  20. Plumbers make pretty decent pay iirc.
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