Is Big E Langston the new big thing

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  1. Lets face it big e Langston is a bulldozer. His
    Feat of strength is remarkable and teamed up with mark Henry they're probably undifeatable. Lately Big E Langston has captured the intercontinental championship and has also ran over the shield with power while helping John Cena and Cm Punk after they were attacked 1by 1 by the shield. He has created a friendship between mark Henry, John Cena and Cm Punk 3 of the most powerful relentless people in WWE. My thoughts are that Big E Langston while be a main event player sooner than expected.

    Leave your thoughts on this issue and what you think will happen with Big E Langston's future in WWE
  2. I don't really watch this fed, but the fact that MARK HENRY is reduced to the role of a motherless bozo fuck, while they built an antire top angle about that Make-A-Wrestler sack of shit called Randy Orton makes me sick to the point where my erection disappeared.

    HENRY in that angle would bring HEAT and RATINGS.
  3. Surprised you didn't note that he cleared out the entire Shield from the ring on Smackdown last week. Him and Reigns looking they were going to go at it after was some good foreshadowing too.
  4. Big E is the shit
  5. Just need the 5 count back.

    But yes Big E is great. Entertaining, decent in ring, mic skills are improving, his twitter is hilarious, and he has that look that of course the E love.
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