Is Bobby Roode's Knee 100%?

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    The last time that they met, Bobby Roode set the pace for his match with Lashley. He controlled the Destroyer in a way that no one had been able to do previously. He even became the first person to kick out of Lashley's punishing finisher, the spear. However, late in the match, Roode appeared to suffer an injury to his knee. He seemed to slow down and, when he went for the Roode Bomb, he couldn't support Lashley - or his own weight. It was there, Lashley smelled blood in the water and finished the fight - just as he did this past week at Bellator 130.

    It's been a few weeks, but are we sure that Roode's knee has recovered? On the eve of Roode vs Lashley II, we caught up with The It Factor of Professional Wrestling to check on his health ahead of the big fight!

    "You know, my body has been to war many times, as has every person who has made a career in this business. Walking around injured is part of life. Training injured, wrestling injured, we have to do it - it's in our DNA. When I met Lashley last time, my knee was not ready for the challenge. Picking him up, I could feel my knee giving... Hell, I could feel it shooting through the rest of my body. I don't know if my knee is 100%, but I do know it feels better today than it did that night in New York. I'm dedicated. I am here to win and be champion. My knee is going to be fine..."

    Lashley, on the other hand, has his own health on his mind... Just four days ago, Lashley went to war inside the Bellator MMA cage. He came out on top with a stunning TKO finish, but one has to wonder if Lashley is coming into this fight at 100%? The focus, training and wear-and-tear of a rigorous MMA schedule is tough to do when it's your sole focus, but having to also carry the top Championship in another organization is even more difficult to balance.

    Both men have a lot to prove in this match and we have no doubt that, tomorrow night, we will witness one of the most hard fought bouts this year.

    It's Roode vs Lashley II and it all goes down on IMPACT, Wednesday night at 9/8c!


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  2. Roode's finally winning the TNA-WHC from Lashley! :woohoo:
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