Is Bryan one of the most over stars of all time?

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  1. Week after week, no matter what jobber city they're in, he gets these incredible reactions from the fans. Last night's RAW was insane because every single crowd member was shouting their tits off in support of Bryan. How long before he's considered one of the most over superstars of all time? Obviously people might mention drawing, but I'm talking about reactions of live crowds alone here. His catch phrase has broke the barriers of WWE which very few have done before. What do you think?
  2. He gets attitude era pops, and I think is on SCSA over level at this point. It's been awhile since i've seen a star remain this over for this long.
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    I probably haven't seen enough 80's-90's wrestling to comment on it enough, but the guy seems to be on the path to getting to that point. He goes further than just getting loud reactions, he plays the crowd to the palm of his hands. Him gradually yessing and yessing faster with the crowd in unison last night was crazy. I absolutely can't wait for the visual of it at Wrestlemania.

    He has definitely not gotten a pop to this magtinute (yet), though:

  4. That AE pop :gusta:
  5. For sure, he is on Rock and SCSA levels. I cant wait for Mania 30, look at the YES! after his match at 29 and imagine it a year later and how much more over he is.
  6. Also just found this: [​IMG]
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  7. People love to chant "Yes". Doesn't matter if it's Bryan, Big Show, Del Rio, AJ or Punk.
  8. Its Bryan, try send RybAxel or Del Rio out there and watch the crowd die.
  9. Wrong. Del Rio's "Si! Si! Si!" chants were always loud.
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  10. Keyword were.

    Feed Me More was (and still is) fun to chant, yet why don't people chant it anymore? You could argue because he's a heel now, but Daniel Bryan has gotten large yes chants regardless of being a face or not.

    This is the stupidest argument in the book. Daniel Bryan is insanely popular, I don't know how anyone with half-a-brain could argue otherwise.
  11. In this day and age of the WWE Universe, DB is definitely on a top tier level of talented performers of all time. He's entertaining to watch, he's had quite the storyline soo far not too mention he's engaged to Brie.. lucky bastard :emoji_slight_smile:
  12. and when he's kicking.....ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh yes!
  13. Only for a week...... on Smackdown........with crowd edits.......
  14. In terms of crowd reaction, he's one of the most over in several years. All time is probably stretching it if you mean top five or ten. I also wouldn't say he's easily the most over of the last several years either. Randy Orton is at least tied seeing as how he was getting huge babyface pops everywhere he went from 2010-2013, too... only he didn't have a chant that's over on it's own.
  15. How in the hell did he keep so over those last two years whilst feuding with guys like Del Rio? Always been a wonder for me.
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  16. Damn, that gif doesn't need sound to look swell & dandy. Can't belive such a retarded schtick like "YES!" is so incredibly over and practically made his career.
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  17. Was it always YES!, or did it start off as NO!?
  18. Randy Orton is just that great. :dawg:
  19. Started as yes, went to no. Then back to yes.
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