Is Bryan stale?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Dec 14, 2013.

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  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. Seen this debate around today between a couple members, so I thought I'd let you all have your say in the proper section. Do you think Daniel Bryan is stale or getting stale?
  2. I think he's getting stale. If he'd stop relying in the yes and no chants, he'd be much better off. They're going overkill with the yes/no. Maybe ice or twice a match instead of every time we see him.
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  3. Just a bit. I agree with Nick, I don't think he is yet, but if he doesn't change it up a bit I might start to get bored of it.
  4. No, Creative just aren't giving him interesting/good stories, same with Punk.
  5. Isn't that the definition of stale? Doing the same thing over and over again no matter if it's a creative issue.
  6. Yes but I don't blame Bryan for it, Bryan himself mainly in ring is not stale for me but his feuds are.
  7. I don't think anyone is blaming him or any wrestler for being stale but it's pretty hard to argue his character isn't IMO. His matches are great absolutely though.
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  8. yep.

    his character, which he barely has, is beyond stale but he still puts on good matches on the reg
  9. He doesn't have a personality. That's the reason he shouldn't have been used in the authority angle and, in turn, why the angle sucked.
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  10. sadly I sort of agree. whether it is booking or he just generally lacks an exciting personality it just isn't there on screen
  11. As much of a Bryan fan I am, the Yes thing is getting a bit stale. He still puts on great matches, they just need to stop having him spam a three letter word.
  12. I'd say Yes. I've been a Daniel Bryan fan ever since I came back to WWE on RAW 999. I've always liked him, but the YES! chants every second when he comes out or is in a match is getting annoying. I'm okay with at least one time they chant it.

    The storyline with the Wyatts is getting boring. I'm tired of seeing Bryan/Harper or Rowan and Punk/Harper or Rowan or just Punk & Bryan/Harper & Rowan. I like that Punk is heading towards the authority story and I wish Bryan would join the Wyatts and stop the annoying Yes! chants every single second.
  13. Never been a fan of the constant "Yes"ing. Let the fans do it on their own, no need to force it so much. Just comes off as cheesy and yeah, annoying.
  14. The crowds might agree because his Yes/No chants are clearly not as thunderous as they used to be, but I personally don't know if it's his character that's stale or just the angle he's involved in. He currently just plays the archetype of an underdog who goes out there and performs his best each and every night, no matter what kind of opponent (in size, strength or stature) you stick him in the ring against. And it's a nice character for someone of Bryan's size to play but it's also limiting because there isn't much you can do to expand on it without just outright turning him heel but that would he ridiculous right now because he's still over as a face.

    I don't mind the Yes/No chant though because it's always good to have a chant that's over and gets the crowd pumped with energy for your entrance and matches, plus it's cool when the crowds chants YES every time Bryan assaults someone with punches, or usually, kicks (and sometimes NO when Bryan is the one that is getting kicked/punched himself.)
  15. It depends on your definition of stale. This is the perfect case of Vince and the shitty writers needing to gtfo and let someone with 20 years in the business who knows what he's doing go out and do it. He needs to sell this storyline.

    JUST depending on the Yes/No has made him stale. It should be a part of the character and used whenever it's welcome, but in every single promo they're doing all this stuff to basically force him to say yes over and over, or he's just doing it anyway. That's stale. The issue with the character imo is that he's incapable of anger and doesn't care. He gets screwed by the Authority at Night of Champions? Yes, yes, yes. Gets attacked by Big Show and has the Authority screw him over again? Yes, yes, yes. Gets attacked by his mentor and screwed out of the belt yet again? Okay, he sold that for one week when he snapped on Shawn. Gets kidnapped by the Wyatts? Is perfectly fine the next week, just yessing his way down the ramp... It's really hard to get behind a character when they don't seem to care about all the bad shit going on around him. That's not a stale character, that's bad writing.

    Luckily for Bryan he's a good enough performer and a likable enough dude that people will either see past that and like the guy anyway, or are just used to lousy characters from this company and like who they want to like.

    And him having the same main event move loop as the rest of the faces isn't helping, somehow the Five Moves of Doom are attached to Bryan now instead of Cena
  16. I think the question is more are WWE creative stale?

    Surely as shown by Cena Monday, guys with years in the biz should be given more freedom as it'll help make things more interesting and suit people's personal strengths.
  17. The angle didn't suck because he had no personality, it sucked because it took every ounce of personality he once had and threw it out the window.

    But I guess that should've been expected, as he wouldn't of been able to ride off the coattails of his Team Hell No and Weak Link characters for much longer. Still, they could've evolved it into something better than a mindless sheep.
  18. Anyone have a link of DB showing personality in front of the crowd with a live mic? He did some OK segments with Kane but I've never seen him go out and just kill a promo in the ring.
  19. [quote:emoji_grin:olph'sZiggler, post: 716496, member: 165"]Anyone have a link of DB showing personality in front of the crowd with a live mic? He did some OK segments with Kane but I've never seen him go out and just kill a promo in the ring.[/quote]

    NXT promo about being eliminated .
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  20. NXT promo about being eliminated .[/quote]

    Ok... any non -NXt examples?
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