News Is Bully delusional or accurate about A&E's?

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  1. With the star power in those aforementioned factions there's no way A&E's can compete. What do you guys think?
  2. Bully likes to stay in character in interviews so you never know.
    But, it's always that kind of level you should strive for with a stable, wether they'll reach it or not is a completely different story.
  3. To be honest, I don't think so. There's a possibility they can reach it, but to do so they need to be booked strong, and keep young talent in the group if they want more people. Strong booked young talent looks great, and for the love of God don't have Sting break the group, have someone new do it to give both sides the credibility. They also need the tag team gold as well, which I think they can place around Briscoe's and Bichoff's waist.
  4. Pretty sure he's in character here, if not then he's fucking delusional.
  5. He's probably in character. The Shield is a lot better off than Aces And Eight, and I wouldn't yet put them anywhere near those three factions.
  6. TNA isn't a big enough platform to elevate any worker/stable to that level of the NWO/Horsemen/DX.
  7. LOL @ all these DX mentions in here and even putting them in the same basket as the greatness like NWO or 4 Horsemen.

    Anyway, A&8s? No way. Why?

    1. TNA isn't big enough.
    2. The group doesn't have THE STAR power
    3. The previous booking of the group has already done it's damage, even though they're booking it a lot better right now
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