Is Candy fappage an act?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Rysenberg, Jun 22, 2012.

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  1. He is an act

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  2. He is not an act

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  1. Many people have had this question on their minds for a while I imagine. I'm interested in what you peeps think.

    I think's he's real.
  2. Is Candy fappage a real retard or an act?

    I think Turkey sandwich is just acting.
  3. Is Candy fappage a real retard or an act?

    He's not an act. Calling him a retard isn't allowed though so I've just changed the point of the subject to acting instead.
  4. I'm 88% sure he's trolling to some extent.
  5. I hope for his sake he is trolling.
  6. I've seen him post on other forums, reply to his youtube subscribers and random viewers and listened to his videos. inb4stalker.

    He's real, just has bad grammar.
  7. You are giving his grammar way too much credit by calling it 'bad'
  8. The keyboard in his Ice-Cream truck is just messed up.

  9. It's not the grammar that makes me think it tbh, I know a person with severe dyslexia and his typing tends to be a lot more erratic than Savages at times. It's how stuck he is in his ways. Also what other sites is here on? I wanna stalk him too.
  10. I think he's slow but because he thinks that we think its funny, he puts it on a little bit now.
  11. RE: Is Candy fappage a real retard or an act?

  12. I've seen his YouTube videos. It's an act.
  13. bad grammer doesnt cause caps, pipebombs and overly enthusiastic marking for punk o.o
  14. I think it's a bit more than 'marking' for Punk, Mr. @[Vince McMahon].
    I believe some say, 'masturbation.'
  15. Rammy watching CM Punk every week.

    Now I know why he is never in a live discussion thread..
  16. :facepalm:

    He doesn't go on there anymore, it was an account on the other WF. I think he went there when he first left wweforums because of your warning :lol1:
  17. PMSL as it's taken me about 2 hours to realise what this thread was about!

  18. Still can't believe he left over 10% for a week -_- I even offered to remove it if he apologized to people, I think.
  19. Holy shit everyone applaud the great one. Candy Fappage is the best of all the name, by leaps and bounds. Whatever he's doing, he could still be leader of the NoD.
  20. Judging by Randys videos it has to be an act. He seems to know what he is talking about except when it comes to his damn right conservatory views on Punk.

    But Dyslexia shouldn't, as Vince said, cause total caps and rageness once one starts a discussion with him.
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