Is Cena really as bad of a wrestler as we make him out to be?

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    Some hate him, some love, wherever he goes John Cena creates a reaction within the WWE's fanbase (or the pro wrestling fanbase at large). Cena is often described as being unable to wrestle and being the anti christ of the industry by the die hards. But is that really the case?

    Haven't we seen on multiple occassions that Cena can bust out some impressive matches. His match with Shawn Michaels is one example, as well as his match with the Rock (despite Rock's bad endurance), with Daniel Bryan and with CM Punk especially. Some say that his opponents carry him and did all the work, but can we really say that? There has to have been a reason for Cena being hyped as a prospect down in developmental over 10 years ago. Of course Cena can't bust out a vast variety of moves and run a bigger risk of injury since he is the top guy and the top draw. But does this really mean that he is as worthless as the haters make him out to be?

    Is Cena a bad wrestler?

    Why is it really that Cena is so hated?

    Would it have been any different if it had been anyone else?
  2. Cena isn't a bad wrestler, and I think most people on here agree with that. Thank God. "We" here don't make him out to be anything, but the IWC in general have this horrible hypothesis that he actually sucks in the ring, when he clearly doesn't. To have a 5 star match on your résumé is proof of that. He is definitely lazy in the ring sometimes though and has been known to undersell, but the status quo is what mainly pisses people off. The fact he has been on top for so long doing the same old thing is just boring, and he can sometimes come off as a hypocrite as well. The issues with Cena are all based on the dominant Cena character and the way WWE book him.
  3. For the last 5-6 years he's been one of the better wrestlers in the company. Before then he was really poor from the little I've seen of him. But yeah, paired with a good seller, he does have some great matches - his one with Rock was appalling though.
  4. He's not a bad wrestler, no. Not the best, but far from being the worst.

    People "hate" Cena because they're simply sick of the guy. He's been the "top guy" for what? 7 years now?
    It's bound to get annoying to see the same guy year in, year out. Especially with the "superman" booking.
  5. I think it is pretty universally accepted that Cena hate stems from problems with WWE booking, not Cena the performer himself (although he compounds the problems by being such a yes man and going along with all the shit)

    It isn't just his character, but his matches that are stale as fuck as well. 3-4 times a year though WWE takes off the training wheels and let's Cena put on a show and the matches almost always deliver.
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  6. Pretty much what dolph's said. Cena gets booked a few matches that really show off how quality he can be, and i'll gladly watch those. It's the superman booking on every other one that drives me crazy, same as Orton.
  7. Cena's okay. Aside from booking and laziness, the only thing that really 'sucks' about him is how weak his moveset looks. His punches are flimsy and the AA almost looks like fun.
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  8. Nah, he's not bad. He's just very protected/lazy most of the time and what makes people hate him is his stale character.
  9. The problem with Cena has never been with his wresting abilities, he is a good wrestler, not the best but he is still good.
    The problem is basically with his gimmick, the way they booked him in the last 8 years is just the same, people are getting sick of it, that's why many people are hating on him.
  10. Agree with everyone. I'd also like to point out that I've been swimming through the sea of casual fans, like myself, for quite sometime. There really is no legit reason why people hate him. It's just a thing. Like hating Bieber, Minaj and Nickelback. It's the cool 'in' thing to do. It's also the fact that the fanbase is, of course, predominantly guys and males almost always prefer the 'bad-ass' character in anything ever and let's just say bad-ass isn't exactly the first term that comes to mind when trying to describe Cena. I think it's a mix of all the reasons people have listed in this thread so far.
  11. He definitely is the greatest wrestler ever. But he is good. Not only is he good, but he has dedicated to the wwe, and has been that way for for 10+ years, and has made some really great matches, like the I quit the JBL, WM 28 with the rock, and several others. A lot of people hate on cena because he is good, and has a strong connection with the wwe universe. He isn't my favorite, but he is good, and i don't see any doubt about that. :yes:
  12. I presume you mean "isn't" right? Lol that confused me for a second.
  13. Didn't we have this thread about 2 weeks ago made by Crayo?
  14. No he's not he can produce some great matches the problem stems from when he was over saturated from carrying the WWE through what i'd call a period of change. I mean wasnt there a point where he was virtually the ME at every PPV? And if he wasnt he was still high on the card it gets too much. Kinda why I think ppl are starting to turn on Punk as well.
  15. He can wrestle, he's a good wrestler, but he is STALE asshole with a limited moveset that's almost never motivated.
  16. Cena isn't a bad wrestler at all. Now he's not the best ever, because his full move set isn't really impressive, but it is good. People tend to forget that Cena isn't the worst wrestler ever. For some reason wrestlers like Ultimate Warrior, Great Khali, and Giant Gonnzales escape their minds when the topic of Cena is brought up. Even with his limited move set he's still better then them, so even limited Cena isn't the worst wrestler ever. I think the people who really dislike him are the ones who just want to see their favorite wrestlers on top. It sucks seeing someone you don't like get all this stuff, meanwhile your favorite is stuck doing midcard stuff. IT probally annoys them, and they point the finger at Cena because he's the superman guy who goes over everyone and whatnot. I think most of the hate though is just a bandwagon hate.

    Most who hate him haven't really seen his matches, or they will see his matches and not care. Like his matches with Punk, people seem to ignore Cena and praise Punk, even though it was both their hardwork to make the match look good. I've seen Cena do impressive things, and still most of the IWC just blindly hate him and gives him no credit where credit is due. I know that Cena is lazy, and the superman booking is really tiresome, but it's whatever. I think Cena should just put young guys over already, it would be a much better use in my opinion, and it would be a better choice then a heel turn since he would be making young talent look actually good instead of a simple character change that 30 year old men would like.

    It's whatever though. As I said he's a good wrestler, not the best by any means, but he is far from the worst.
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