Is Cesaro the pound for pound strongest wrestler in WWE history?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Oct 15, 2013.

  1. He has to be. the way he dead lifts 350 pound dudes like Albert is insane.
  2. ^What he said. Khali was a pretty impressive deal also, considering how long his legs are compared to his torso (uneven distrobution of weight obviously)

    Either way he is a fucking boss.
  3. Every time I see him do this shit I expect him to stay down with a broken back or something.

    Turn him face and give him a giant slayer gimmick. Put the WHC on his ass and just have him finish every match with a crazy spot to show how beast he is.
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  4. Its obviously Hulk Hogan guys, He slammed Andre The Giant in the greatest moment and greatest match of all time.

    Show Spoiler

  5. Hogan had 75-80 lbs on Cesaro. And yes, I know you are being facetious.
  6. his first big win could go vs Swag and he could work his way up to Show?
  7. I would love to see him vs Swagger in an eventual feud. He could gorilla press slam Swags after walking around with him above his head.

    btw Brodus fucked up the Neutralizer real bad. fatass scrub. And one last observation about that tag match; the Real Americans are fucking getting over.. and not as heels. The crowd loves Cesaro, they pop for all his shit and love to scream WE THE PEOPLE
  8. Brodus is as retarded as the fake plates sown onto the back of his deal. I will say he looks like he's lost weight, and at least i havent seen him nip slip in a minute. Dude still sucks, and Tensai should be aware of looking like a mongaloid rock a pair of beard trimmers at least on his arms. That shit is creepy.

    It's like he got an extra chromosome and it all went into the hair follicles.

  9. Waiting for him to do this.
  10. The Neutralizer did look bad, it was really visible that the only thing that hit the floor was Brodus' knees. Cesaro does have to be the strongest dude pound for pound, and the Americans getting over as faces is pretty good. I feel like they'll either turn or break up with Cesaro going face. And the day Antonio pulls out that UFO it'll be awesome.
  11. [​IMG]
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  12. Wow! Cesaro always seems to amaze me
  13. Should do it on Swagger when he does it the first time.
  14. For sure, he'd get a huge pop. Doing that to a guy like Swagger (who's pretty big) would be great.
  15. Yeah Cesaro is amazingly strong and I cant wait for him to be booked against show. I think the Real Americans thing might be holding him back since that whole gimmick seems to have ran its course
  16. Yes, because Micheal Cole says so, and I feed into the machine.
  17. Absolutely could be, he's fantastic. Real Americans have been acting like faces a whole lot more recently, and the crowd seem to like them more and more now. I would prefer Cesaro to turn face on his own, but I wouldn't mind the group turning.
  18. Agreed. Swagger is only limiting who Cesaro is booked against, and Zeb is a non factor. Besides the We The People chant it is basically not even a factor anymore. Their booking is entirely based around Cesaro at this point, so just have Swaggs and Zeb turn on him
  19. Whomever posted the UFO vid, yes, that needs to reappear. Loved when he did it in ROH.
  20. I think so. If he can keep Tensai spinning for a good while, I hate to see what he could do to me...............120 pounds..........

    Anyway, did anyway laugh when they said they were going to sell the big shows house??? It was just.......funny.
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