Is Chris Benoit the greatest technical wrestler of all time?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Feb 10, 2012.

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  1. Simple question really, yes or no?
  2. If WWE would take the reigns off Daniel Bryan and CM Punk, I would say they are.
    But because of that, I'd say Benoit is, yes. Well, was, anyway.
  3. YES! But saddly no 1 will remember b/c of what he did to his family! Great Wrestler but an Evil Human!
  4. Explain a bit more? You mean if there was no title around Punk & Bryan they'd be the greatest technical wrestlers of all time?
  5. Punk?? really?? He isn't in the same league as Benoit. Bryan is up there, but not quite.

    Give me Dynamite Kid and Benoit all day over those guys

    Crayo, he is talking about WWe limiting them in the ring, which is true compared to their ROH days when they were allowed to do whatever they wanted in the ring.
  6. Saying Punk isn't up there is completely ignorant.
    You've obviously never watched Punk/Bryan matches in ROH that go for over 30 minutes have you...
  7. Of course I have. Punk is sloppy in the ring. He is a great all arounder, but nowhere near the elite as far as being a technician. I realize you are a Punk fanboy, but let's try to stay objective here. Punk doesn't belong in the same discussion as the all time greats like Benoit, Guerrero, Dynamite Kid, Malenko, or even Daniel Bryan
  8. Punk Fanboy?

    Name, Ziggler.
    Avatar, Ziggler.
    Signature, Ziggler.

    Hypocrite? Yes.
  9. Did I mention Ziggler in this thread? Stop trying to change the subject

    I at least could admit to being a Ziggler fanboy
  10. Point being, you called me a Punk fanboy, which I'm not.

    Anyway, back on topic or warnings will be handed out by Crayo.
  11. You are the one getting off topic, not me. Punk isn't on the same level as the guys I've mentioned ITT, end of story. Feel free to disagree
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  12. I'm surprised it's taken this long for anybody to mention Bret Hart.

    Give me Bret Hart and Dynamite Kid over Benoit easily. But Benoit probably belongs in the top 5. And I think Eddie Guerrero is underrated as well, he'd rank highly.
  13. I started to mention Bret, but I was never a fan. I'd rather watch Owen wrestle than Bret
  14. In my opinion Punk at his best is in the same league as Chris Benoit, maybe not in the top 4 but would still be in the league :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:. At his best I mean no sloppy ring-work etc.

    Danielson I think could be up there competing with Benoit as the best.

    Was also going to mention Bret in the OP in a list of comparisons, but I didn't want people to argue with my list -.-
  15. You started it by calling me a punk fanboy.

    End of off topic.
  16. Mr. Perfect > Punk
    Jericho > Punk
    Owen > Punk
    Bret > Punk
    Malenko > Punk

    I could go on and on. Punk is good, very good even, but not great. Sorry.
  17. Your opinion :cool:
  18. Guerrero > Punk
    Angle > Punk

    Hell Tyson Kidd is a much better technical wrestler that Punk is

    I hate to sound like a Punk hater because I like the guy, but you guys are overrating him if we are talking strictly about technical ability. I think you've bought into his best in the world propaganda
  19. All I said was it's your opinion. Saying "He is better than.." is wrong. It's your opinion. Opinions can't be wrong. Don't say I've bought into the "best in the world" persona, because I preferred Punk before that gimmick. I'd much rather watch Punk wrestle than Tyson Kid and I think he's in the same league as Eddie and Kurt, who are also in the same league as Chris. My opinion.
  20. I don't feel the need to qualify every post I make with 'my opinion' Of course it's all opinion that's why we are on a message board is to share opinions

    I'd rather watch Punk wrestle than Tyson Kidd too because he is more entertaining. But strictly as technicians Kidd is superior
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