Is Chris Hero just calling it in now a days?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by seabs, Mar 2, 2013.

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  1. I don't know why but Hero doesn't feel as impressive as he once was under the Kassius Ohno persona, his moveset is very very watered down and on the mic he's struggled to impress whenever I've seen him on NXT. I'm not sure why but the whole aggressive heel persona isn't clicking for me, an arrogant heel or face is his niche IMHO.


    Has even busted out any kind of craavuette move beyond the knees?
  2. Seabs, as you know when guys get to the WWE they don't keep their indy moveset, and they usually lose that hunger that they had on the independent scene. Those massive WWE salaries kinda get in your head I suppose.

    I didn't see much of his ROH work (just enough to know the Kings existed) so just seeing his NXT work you can tell the guy has the talent to make it big (it just pops off the screen, especially with so many other noobs running around there), but he's in a really awkward spot. What's his gimmick, a really intelligent psychotic hobo knockout artist? What? They could easily just make him the "high-impact heel that'll knock you out", but Wade stole that AND his finisher. On the mic he hasn't impressed at all, but don't see why he shouldn't be able to hold his own.

    If WWE can get out of the way the guy can be a star, but how many other guys have we said that with?
  3. About the first point I get that but you have guys like Danielson, Punk, Rollins, Claudio even Ambrose have come from the indies and have pulled out good / great matches, Hero hasn't bar one good match with Claudio, heel even Senshi managed it, name me one Hero match which made you think this guy had it from FCW / WWE.

    As for his promos they've really been dull IMO, I agree on his gimmick, I mentioned it in the OP he needs to be more arrogant and less about knocking you out IMO, hear me out here but as a Jericho style face he could have that kind of quality, let him be cocky let him tell people he's the best and people will cheer for him.

    He was one of my favourites for a while, especially in the KOW he should be outshining Claudio but he just hasn't part of it is booking but mainly it's his own fault, the spark doesn't seem there any more. He's looking similar to Senshi at this time IMO, he's there but the surroundings don't seem to fit him. Admittedly Senshi was shit on the mic and Hero isn't but neither looked like they were willing to bust a gut to get noticed, maybe it's arrogance on the part of Hero? I don't know about you but if I'd travelled the world and perfected my craft like he had to be thrown in a C show for so long would fuck me off too.

    This one for example he looks up for it, he builds hype well :


    and I haven't seen that in any WWE promo from him thus far.
  4. He could be saving his best stuff for when he gets time on the main roster. He's feuding with mostly rookies on NXT, he can't go all out or he'll leave them in his dust.
  5. Surely that'll never get him on the main roster though, Punk for example did some great work on ECW before he got his push on the main show. He needs to show them he can step up otherwise he'll get nowhere, there are reports Vince is holding him back for seasoning but if he never improves he won't be put up there.

    Probably not true but this is where the report is btw.
  6. I don't know, I think he may be calling it in, but yeah. He's just in NXT to avoid ring rust, there's no reason for him to step it up down there, I guess. Hope that's the case.
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