Summerslam Is Christian Winning At Summerslam?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Star Lord, Aug 17, 2013.

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  1. Will Christian be going over at Summerslam? He has multiple clean wins and keeps talking about 1 more match, WWE also released this:

    This just leads me to believe Christian will either be winning at Summerslam or will lose dirty at Summerslam and win the title at a future event, Thoughts?
  2. Please no.

    The only reason I could understand is for Sandow to cash in on a babyface. Otherwise, it seems pointless.
  3. Well, let's see. Had him not hit ADR with a Killswitch on SD I'd say definitely, yeah. However, at this point I'm on the fence. I could see ADR retaining to feud with DZ later on, but that's really all that I see for Del Rio (although they could obviously just put him against other guys). Christian winning is a possibility for me. Now, given that Christian has no character at this point and never cuts promos, I really wouldn't want to see him getting a WHC reign (unless they gave him something interesting to work with as far as character goes), but yes, Christian winning to lose the belt to Sandow for me may very well happen. So maybe.
  4. He's not.

    The only reason would be for a cash in, and Sandow shouldn't be cashing in for a while.
  5. Nice video. Sums up Christian's career very well, making it more impressive when ADR goes over.
  6. Although I'd love it to happen it probaly won't......but what I do want even more than Christian as WHC...:sandow:
  7. Del Rio is more boring than Christian so I hope so, but he won't
  8. I hope not, ADR is better than christian IMO.
  9. Only for a cash-in.

    Christian isn't really WHC material imo. I don't get the hype around him.
  10. Christian winning the WHC seems like a good possibility. If anyone remembers recently there was a news article stating that WWE official's want to improve SmackDown, so this is one way by having your superstar win the championship from another superstar that isn't as entertaining.

    I'm a huge Christian fan and certainly is more entertaining than Alberto Del Rio. I would hope for Christian to win the championship and have a nice lengthy reign (this would add prestige to the title), but then having Sandow cashing in on Christian. Damien Sandow cashing in on Christian that has had a nice lengthy reign would mean much more than a random cash-in on an Alberto Del Rio.

    I see a lot more positives from Christian winning the title.
  11. Judging by that awesome promo, I believe he either gets the strap one last time or he retires after the match.

    I'm leaning more towards him winning it. If this was his retirement and they were using this match to send him off I believe they would've spent a lot more time building the feud rather than making it seem like a throwaway match, even if he isn't one of their marque guys.

    Personally, I'm a big Christian fan and absolutely loved his feud with Orton in 2011. If it wasn't for his injury back then I personally think he would''ve gone further or at least gotten a permanent Smackdown Main Event spot, his heel run was working really well.
  12. Christian has gotten the upper hand over Del Rio this entire feud. He's already defeated him twice in non-title matches and then stood over his unconscious body after hitting the Killswitch on Smackdown. So, the entire feud seems design to paint Christian as the obvious winner, which means Del Rio is going over.

    Even if Christian won, the only purpose would be for Sandow to cash in on him afterwards, especially with Sandow already trying to cash in once and him losing his match with Christian on Smackdown this past Friday (which means he'd be getting revenge by cashing in on him.) But I don't see Sandow cashing in just yet.
  13. This is what I want to happen:

    ADR beats Christian clean and Rhodes beats Sandow tonight. On RAW tomorrow, ADR cuts a promo about how no one can challenge him, he is the best etc. Ricardo comes up behind him and hits ADR with a chair repeatedly. Sandow's music plays and boom, he cashes in. On SD, Sandow beats ADR is the rematch. Then on next week's RAW, Rhodes says he should be no 1 contender because he beat Sandow at SS and then you have that match at NoC.

    ADR needs time away from the world title picture.
  14. Christian shall.... WIN! :christian:
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