Is CM Punk simply another John Cena to you now?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 23, 2012.

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  1. Unfortunately it's getting that way for me. The poor jokes, the sarcasm, the constant winning, the superman effect, it's getting too much.
  2. Yes. It's so corny at the moment. There was alot of potential, but no f's were given by WWE.
  3. In my opinion he's worse now. He may not be as boring, as stale, or as consistently bad as Cena, but the similarities are there... which is worse when you consider he got over as a face because he cut a heel promo that tore WWE apart. (Nice job, WWE. That's how you create stars, by having them go out and rip your product all to hell!)

    He talked about all the shameless ass-kissers in the back and now he's just another one of those people. He talked about how much better the product can be, and now he's yet another person holding it back. What a fucking hypocrite, I hope Daniel Bryan mops the floor with him at NWO.

  4. Yes he is. A more fun to watch Cena of a lesser degree but unless he starts having interesting feuds he will also become Cena/sheamus soon.
  5. Yeah he is but CM Punk will always truly be CM Punk behind all of WWE's political machines and bullcrap.
  6. @[Randy Savage]

  8. Yup. He's worse because he's a hypocrite. At least Cena didn't get over by being anti-WWE and talking about how lame WWE was before falling in line and becoming the exact lame ass he was hating on a few months before.
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  10. It's a bit far calling him a hypocrite. No one here knows for sure what a wrestler is forced to do and what he wants to do. We all thought years ago Cena was forced to be a PG bitch, but recently it sounds like he wants to be this super face and "himself". I doubt Punk it completely happy with his gimmick but what can he do? Rebel and get depushed to superstars? How many of you would honestly turn away millions of dollars because some internet smarks think less of you?

    There's two sides to every debate of course. I'm equally as pissed that it SEEMS like he doesn't care about his current gimmick - but I won't go as far as calling him a hypocrite. The plus side you can say to his reign is that he's usually had a nice opponent. Cena (included a 5 star match), Jericho (amazing WM and ER match, not sure if any were 5*) and Bryan (5 star match at OTL).
  11. He brings good matches to the table compared to Cena with his four moves of doom.

    Which match did you enjoy the most, Bryan/Punk or Cena/Ace? Which one deserved to be in the main event of OTL? Was it Cena's match with Ace or Punk's match with Bryan?

    You cannot compare him to Cena, it just doesn't work like that.
  12. I'm calling his character a hypocrite. I understand the man Phil Brooks has to do what he has to do to make it to the top of WWE
  13. Yes, he's very similar to Cena now. I noticed that a while ago, and he does look like a hypocrite (CM Punk, not Phil Brooks, of course).
  14. CM Punk cut a promo about how boring Cena was and now look at him. :cena:
  15. Imagine if heel Cena told CM Punk he's a hypocrite. Roles reversed.

  16. Damn, a Cena shoot on how Punk has become what he used to pretend to hate would be epic.
  17. He isn't becoming, he is. In 50/50 crowds he gets cheered by women and kids, he wins almost every match and/or feud. His rebellious gimmick reminds me of Cena's thuganomics gimmick. He's replaced John Cena as the carrier of the WWE championship. :dawg: And what was already stated about jokes being corny. :bury:

    And remember how John Cena was a rebel kind of guy like Punk until he became what he is today, that's exactly Punk.
  18. He's been becoming more and more stale ever since turning into a baby face and especially dropping his whole "Voice Of The Voiceless" act. I wouldn't quite put him on Cena's level, though. Having a long title reign and winning every match/feud isn't really comparable to Cena, because the complaint with Cena is that's it been that way with him for years. At least it's only been that way with Punk since November. And I like that he's held the world title for awhile but I think it's almost time to give it up.
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