Is Cody Rhodes Turning Heel?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lockard 23, Sep 14, 2013.

  1. Just something I thought of, but what if the way they keep the belt on Orton tomorrow night is to have Cody Rhodes return and cost Bryan the belt? He will have been gone two weeks as of this Monday so his real life honeymoon should be over by now. Maybe The Shield comes out to interfere, then Big Show runs out (or rather, walks out) and takes care of The Shield. And just when it looks like Bryan has Orton at his mercy with no other obstacles in his way, Cody Rhodes shows up from the crowd and costs Bryan the match.

    It most likely won't happen as they'll probably want to milk Rhodes being fired some more as a way of showing how anyone can be made an example of, and I can even see Dusty Rhodes showing up on-screen next (Rhodes said the McMahons have always hated the Rhodes and we just saw Goldust on Raw this past Monday, so Dusty showing up next would make sense.) But even if he doesn't turn heel at NOC, he could later on when he reappears on-screen. The logic of him turning heel and joining up with Triple H would be similar to how Big Show turned heel and joined John Laurantis just a week after being fired by him. Rhodes realizes this is a way to get his job back and finds that perhaps Triple H's way of doing things is the right way to go about it. He can state that he'll be the first Rhodes to 'see the light', unlike his brother and father. Plus, there's the HHH/Orton connection from the Evolution days and then there's the Orton/Rhodes connection from the Legacy days. Everything sort of tying together and stuff.

    I doubt this will happen and given the sympathy Rhodes has gotten for being fired, it likely wouldn't be the best of moves. But it's a possibility I thought of. The exact opposite could happen, though. It could be Rhodes appearing from the crowd to attack Orton and cost him the title or something. Rhodes interfering as a fan jumping the barrier could be a cool way to get him involved in this angle with the new regime while still being "jobless" but that's another topic.
  2. Well, it's a good idea, would get the guy some heat and could lead to Goldust/Cody later on which would be great to see. But he's just turned face and has been getting some good reactions, so I'm not sure it'd be the best move.
  3. Only he's not married yet. Apparently his fiance said they will be married in October.
  4. They did that to big show last year, and yes Rhodes is getting married in October so he'll be gone a while. The only thing I see Cody doing is helping Bryan.
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