Is Curtis Axel no longer a Paul Heyman guy?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Kio, Nov 16, 2013.

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  1. On Smackdown when Ryback told Axel he would not team with him if he was still a Paul Heyman guy and Axel said he's not. What does that mean? Has Axel finished with Heyman?
  2. It's a bit odd that Heyman is just dropping them..Heyman's better off without Axel anyways The Hoff thinks
  3. Yeah, sure, why not. *Shrugs shoulders*
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  4. That did feel a bit weird. But perphaps he just said it for Ryback not to turn on him or something (since he said in that backstage segment that if he was a Heyman guy he'd beat him up), so he may have lied.
  5. It doesn't matter if Axel has Heyman in his corner or not, the guy has and always will suck, and be mediocre on a good day :jericho::jericho:
  6. Lol omg both guys no longer Heyman guys well this just takes me back to that moment when Paul said set your recorders when Axel came out I guess this whole thing didnt last long
  7. Axel will be a jobber again.
  8. to me all this means is axel jobs to bork first on his return, if he's still main roster by then.
  9. Axel never deserved Heyman.
  10. Guess even Heyman couldn't help out Axel's career. Poor poor Axel. :jericho:
  11. Axel doesn't finished with Heyman, Heyman finished with him, and with Ryback aswell.
  12. Axel and Ryback are too good for that fat, FAT walrus of a "man" Heyman :happy::happy:
  13. Nope :nope:, Heyman is a genius. They both sucks, Axel and Ryback aswell.
  14. Genius or not, still a fat, FAT walrus. A walrus with a ponytail, who's balding.
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