Is Daniel Bryan soon done with the WWE?

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  1. I'm making this topic from my phone so I can't post the article but Bryan has been cleared from outside Doctors but not WWE. Bryan said he might be near the end of his WWE career, not wrestling, just WWE since they will not clear him. And this third Doctor thing is taking forever.

    That would be a major LOL WWE moment if Bryan asks for his release. But I don't see this really happening.
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    I've said it before and I'll say it again, whether he stays or leaves WWE and goes to another promotion, I'll support it.
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  3. He has had a fine career so he could retire but he can still offer more. IF he sheds that dork gimmick and wrestles somewhere else then I support it.
  4. With how bad WWE is hurting right now, it's funny that Vince and triple h are turning to Sheamus and reigns lol
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  5. I'll follow him wherever he goes but I really hope he comes back, fully healthy and ready to go with WWE. If WWE are keeping him away just because they want to push their guys, then fuck them. If Bryan does leave, I want for him to go to TNA. Say what you want about them, but I think they'll do well on POP TV and well, Bryan vs EC3 is a :heyman2:jizz-worthy feud. Bryan vs Lashley and Bryan vs Galloway would also be great matches... dang, I just need more Bryan in my life.
  6. Vince knows if DB's back, Reigns' overness is out the window. That's one of the reasons he hasn't been cleared yet.
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  7. Well yes I get the idea and that's why they're really keeping Bryan in the dark, but it's so stubborn and utter stupidity. DB could easily sell some more seats and brig a little fire back right now. But Vince is backstage "Roman is #1, damnit! Fuck that troll!"
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  8. It may come off stupid to us, but it's actually smart on Vince's part. Reigns is Vince's pet project and for the record, I like Reigns.
    But, why bring the most popular guy back from injury when it could ruin Roman's overness? So, Vince is gonna play "we're just worried about his health and we don't wanna take any risks" and "we're also currently dealing with a lot of concussion lawsuits, hence why we're hesitant to clear DB" card. It's been working out well for him thus far.

    Vince also doesn't see his buffoonery could make Reigns flop as a champion and future #1 babyface of the company. The machine is too hands on with the guy. Just let him breathe, for Pete's sake.

    Now, to answer this: "DB could easily sell some more seats and brig a little fire back right now."

    Well, yes. But Vince's plan is to keep Bryan on the shelf as much as possible. Even if DB wanted to leave and head back to ROH or Japan, Vince would wanna milk as much as possible out of DB's contract to prevent him from leaving and making money for someone else.
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  9. OR and I am I just throwing this out there... OR this is a way the WWE is using this as an excuse to surprise the fans with his return. Vince aint stupid enough to let him go. He is a business man and knows DB can still draw crowds.
  10. I hope he's done with WWE.
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  11. If it ends up being an excuse to surprise the fans with his return, then I applaud to Vinnie Mac.
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  12. If not, then wow would they be stupid. lol
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  13. If he's not back sometime between Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania then his WWE career is guaranteed done with

    Who knows how long his contract is tho for a no compete clause
  14. Relax, he'll be back
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  15. #TeamOptimism

    Let's all gather round and pray.
  16. just read that WWE is offering him a position to work at the performance center
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  17. Hahaha what bs
  18. Daniel Bryan should go to New Japan, a place that cherishes substances over style, unlike the WWE.

    I'm sure it's a known fact that I don't like Daniel Bryan, at all, but even I know that WWE is doing the most underhanded tactic to get Reigns' over. They would rather have a robotic, company poster boy be there champion rather than a guy who legitimately is talented, can charm a crowd and is organically over. It's obvious to me that they're only keeping him off TV until Roman Reigns can get his chance in the spotlight. Once he does, and the WWE shoves him down the throats of the fans for long enough, or at least until he's become the status quo, Daniel Bryan will be back.

    It's sad that Daniel Bryan is being thrown under the bus for Reigns' sake. I understand the WWE desperately wants the fans to like Roman Reigns but doing what they're doing now, is the wrong way to go about things. Either they are completely oblivious as to what got Daniel Bryan over or they are just plain retards. Bryan got over because he isn't what the WWE is looking for. He's basically running with a less pricky version of CM Punk's gimmick. If they want Reigns to get over, why not allow him to go about things organically and have him compete against Daniel Bryan in a highly competitive match where Reigns unleashes all sorts of un-seen moves, and drama.

    I couldn't care less if Daniel Bryan gets another shot at glory, even though he should get one more hoorah. But WWE really needs to reconsider they're tactics of over-booking their future star. Also, I would just like to add that WWE has to appeal to the fans that will feed the machine, no matter what, to get someone over. Those fans are the Internet fans.
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  19. I wouldn't say it was smart in the least. I would say it makes sense WHY Vince is doing it but doesn't make sense THAT he is doing it. Ideas in one's mind does not always work out as well in practice.

    For example, I am sure a lot of people other than just us are wondering this exact same thing. You hear all of this stupid crap from wrestling fans about the mystical IWC but it's idiotic because the majority of wrestling fans are likely on the internet in one way or another so we're all somewhat aware of what's going on. People other than us are likely feeling that Vince is holding Bryan back in order to try and keep him from honing in on Reigns's popularity... and all it is going to do is make people fans resent Reigns even more. And it's not ever Reigns's fault!

    The smart thing to do would be to bring Bryan back and push him. Push him and push Reigns. Make them both continuous valid contenders for the WHC... a lot like Austin and Rock were simultaneously the top guy in the company for a while.. that way no one is getting held down and you're not pissing off a contingent of fans. It gives the opportunity for more storylines and clears up a lot of boredom.. seems like an easy win-win but Vince isn't doing it because he's smart... he's doing it because he has to prove that he is right.
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  20. How big is Vince's wallet? :ohyeah: