Is David OTunga on steroids???

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Sep 12, 2012.

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  1. Is David OTunga on steroids???

    Theres no way you can get that big just from working out in a gym. You would have to be there 24/7 to get that shape. Hes defintely taking steroids piss test him WWE
  2. Throwing out baseless assumptions should be a bannable offense.

    On Sherdog if you accuse a guy of being on roids that has never failed a test you get shitcanned.
  3. He could just be a machine in the gym. Some people spend hours and hours in the gym to get the bodies they have. Otunga's not really massive, he's just ripped.
  4. I know guys bigger than him down the gym I work at and they don't touch the stuff (Cornwall only has heroin). So no, you can not accuse someone based on their size alone. It's against WWE policy now and they're regularly tested for such substances, so I highly highly doubt he is.
  5. Yeah he does them on a daily base.. He got his current ones from Chris Masters.. AKA ''The Master Effect''
  6. Genetics play a big factor as well. Just because I couldn't get that big naturally doesn't mean others cannot.
  7. @[BrockLesnarFanForLife]

    Let me go to the gym for some months.. Then I'll let you ask the question if I used 'roids.
  8. He has gyno so I am sure he cycled at least a few times in his life. Maybe not now though, but you can def keep your gainz
  9. Lol few months.
  10. I think Otunga will google his name + steroids and find this thread. Would be funny.
  11. :shock: Yo dawg, you know what, I think we should meet, send me a ticket your way and we'll hang out and stuff :otunga: WAIT STEROID SMILIE

    Naw he aint on steroids, he's just pretty active in the gym. He does get a lot of free time too, plus I'm sure it looks better that he uses oil...although it must be a pain to wrestle him like that...
  12. Oil does make you look more defined. A friend of mine worked as a male stripper :true: for a while and he said that the oil gives you a more ripped look under certain light angles. Something WWE probably exploits.
  13. They're ALL on roids.....they're either currently on them or HAVE been on them
  14. :dawg:

    They're not on Roids. :haha:
  15. Was Otunga not out from WWE for two months. You think he was just sitting on his ass the whole time. The guy had plenty of time to be in the gym.
  16. My friends = Buff gym guys
    Stopspot's friends = Male strippers
  17. I said SOME months.. Can go far bro.. Like from 3 to 24 months.

  18. No, he's not.
  19. Also, this thread is antiporn for hoss. He has to take viagra to touch himself to :otunga: after reading this, which is why he hasnt posted.
  20. Let's pretend for a moment that BFFL is right and there's a possibility that Otunga is juicing.

    Unless you have pictures of him a short time before he showed up with tremendous muscles (like within six to twelve months) with no form or definition, then you really have no grounds on which to accuse him of steroid use.

    Unless you've got pictures of him exhibiting signs of abnormal growth of his cranium or other major skeletal features, you have no grounds on which to accuse him.

    I mean, really, he's not on steroids, hgh, or any other banned substance. He's a workout warrior.

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