Is Dolph the best bumper in the world?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Jul 16, 2012.

  1. Is he? If so, where does he rank in the all time list already?

    Some of the bumps he takes is mesmerizing, he's never injured either (touch wood).
  2. That computer chair one last night was fucking crazy.
    Gonna make a GIF of it now :emoji_grin:
  3. :eww:
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    But yea, he is. Faceless Botch Asshole could have broken a lesser man's neck by rushing his top rope finisher, but Dolph found a way to sell it and to do it safely. Then the bump he took from Tensai to get thrown 10 feet and land on his head on top of that chair was sick. Also the Kidd off the ladder bump.

    He's the best
  4. Yes, please! I want to see that GIF. :emoji_slight_smile:

    As far as the original post, I have no worthwhile opinion since I don't really have much to compare him to as far as a rank/list would go. However, from what I have seen since I've begun watching again, he does have great skills and does handle the bumps very well.
  5. It was absolutely epic! he bounced right off it LOL
  6. I love how Dolph always goes limp and lays motionless after a big bump. Casuals must fear for his life during every match he's in
  7. He certainly sells them well.
  8. Dolph's, let me sig it please. I'll keep the rest, just let me ditch the gay picture for that epic gif.
  9. Seriously thought it was bad after he landed on the chair. :jeritroll:

    But yeah, he has to be the best..

  10. :haha: love how youre dolph's bitch
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    First of all don't call Joey Ryan gay, buddy

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    and you've only had that sig for a couple of hours.. patience is a virtue

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    ah what the hell, go ahead

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    I don't mind if you use the gif

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    So yea, you can put it in your sig

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    on August 16th

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  12. @[Jose Tortilla] ditch the spoiler and Dolph gif, put "I love Crayo so much he's so much better than Dolph'sZiggler" in your sig.


    Edit: Fuck sake Dolph's I completely fell for that too. I was like :yay: to :angry:
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  13. Probably.
  14. :haha:
  15. Yesssssssss

  16. You lost the bet... live up to it. Change your user title to "I'm stupid and lost to Crayo". :boss1:

  17. My usertitle is fine.
  18. Jose bitching out on his bet.

    Though I think it's a bit lame of Crayo to keep changing it. Choose his sig and let it be. I also don't think you should be able to add extra shit though. Whatever Crayo gives you to put in the sig is it.. no spoilered other shit
  19. If he wants it changed, let him do it. Not wasting my time changing it till Mr. Crayo approves..