Is Dolph Ziggler-alberto Del Rio heel/heel feud?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by wrestlingphenom, Jun 26, 2013.

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  1. Watching Raw, following up on Smackdown, getting word that it will Dolph Ziggler vs Alberto Del Rio for the world heavyweight title but unfortunately he will accompanied by Big E. langstin and AJ lee, given the fact the he will be accompanied by them. Then, It looks like Dolph Ziggler is still heel, but getting face reaction for due to the whole concussion angle and from who I believe to be old-time WWE fan audience's, kids/PG fans(probably as well) are cheering for him because they believe he is face. As much as I hate to say this, Dolph Ziggler is still heel, or maybe Dolph will get betrayed by Langstin n Aj(especially Langston) and maybe become face. I love Dolph Ziggler, hope he wins back the title, glad to see that he is back but wish that he would just get rid of Langston n AJ and improve his mic skills, still hes one of my favorites in WWE. He is one of the most unique among WWE's rising but not yet so established talent. I hate Alberto Del Rio but admit on raw, last night, his wrestling skills seem to be improving but I could be wrong. Hopefully Ziggler gets a decent run as world heavyweight champion, he is rare piece of treasure on the WWE roster and hope WWE treats as such by giving a more decent run at the most valuable prize in WWE. Good that they got rid of Vickie Guerrero off him.

    By the way, I think Dolph Ziggler is one of the most unique talent, he looks like he came from a prior wrestling era. Not to many rising not yet so established can compare to him. Anyway, doesn't anybody other than me think he is a modern-day billy gunn, but just without Ass man gimmick. Anyway, never was a fan of billy gunn, but the guy was talented.
  2. He's tweener. You don't have to be a set heel or face, you can be in between. He will still act like the showoff and stuff - his heel gimmick - but not perform heelish actions like cheap-heat promos.

    Also, it looks like WWE are already slowly splitting them up, as Ziggler has appeared on his own for the last two appearances or so. AJ/Big E seem to be stuck in the divas feud.
  3. Nah, it's not really a heel vs. heel feud. You can clearly tell by the crowd reactions, Ziggler is a face, or a tweener at least.
  4. Ziggler is face imo, or at least in a transitional period into that role
  5. He seemed to be pushed towards face @ payback, then have him and Jericho feuding seems difficult as the crowd LOVE Jericho. He seems somewhere between at the moment.
  6. Personally think ppl just respect DZ and cheer him with him being so boss. More of a tweener though as mentioned.
  7. Ziggler's definitely the face in this feud, they're playing the whole sympathy role with him because of the head injury and I guess that works well. He'll work amazingly well as a face in the ring and out of it.

    As for his gimmick, how awesome would it be if they gave him a womanising gimmick? He reminds me of Neil Patrick Harris in some ways, so I think it could fit him perfectly.
  8. Anyone who doesn't view Ziggler as a face is simply incorrect.
  9. Bro that's too simple, protagonist and antagonist needs complicating immensely.
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  11. To truly become face, he needs to break off with AJ.

    Dolph is a tweener, pop just makes it seem that he already turn face.

    Anyways, who wants a #Face? NO. F**KING. ONE.
  12. Change. Your. Usertitle. Now. :aries: I'M the biggest fangirl of Rollins besides Stopspot.

  13. But Jen... ; - ; You already have Ryan! ;(
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