News Is Dolph Ziggler the WWE's Next Top Heel?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Prince Bálor, Nov 10, 2014.

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    "The past few weeks have shown a push for Dolph Ziggler as the number 2 babyface of the company while other stars like Bryan, Orton, Reigns, and Ambrose are out of the main event picture for the foreseeable future.

    Although we adore that Ziggler is finally getting the star treatment he deserves, what will it escalate to once Survivor Series is over?

    If Team Cena wins, then the praise would fall on John Cena, if they lose however, the blame will go on the team.

    And what does Ziggler do next? Float around the Intercontinental title picture until WWE needs another babyface to take a beating? Ziggler is better than that.

    With Orton now out of the Authority stable and the lack of real heels on the roster besides Rollins and Stephanie McMahon, now would be a great opportunity for Ziggler to stay on top and be utilized correctly.

    Why It Would Work
    To create a great heel turn, the audience must be fully invested in the character ( and what wrestler is the audience fully invested in more than they are in Dolph Ziggler?), that way the turn is more dramatic and generates real heat from the fans who have just been manipulated by the individual for so long only to find out they were just a traitorface.

    Ziggler at one point in his career was a top heel of the company, feuding with John Cena and other top faces for titles.

    Dolph's best work was as a cocky, overconfident heel who could back it up in the ring, now imagine if he was aligned with the company's most powerful stable?

    His opportunities as a heel overshadows his as a babyface and would give him some new character direction.

    How It Could Happen
    At Survivor Series, the match is down to four people: Dolph and Cena vs. Rollins and Kane. Cena is the legal man and is taking the beating of his life. Dolph is awaiting the hot tag and ready to open a flurry of offense on The Authority. Once Cena makes enough room to make a tag, Ziggler jumps off the apron and seals his fate. Cena is taken out and Ziggler takes a countout, giving The Authority the win and a new major player on their side.

    WWE's absence of top heels makes an opening for Ziggler to regain his main event status and do what he does best...

    Steal the show."


    Yes, please!
  2. lol it'll never happen
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  3. :no:
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  4. Can Ziggler be the WWE's top heel? Yes.

    Is now (or right after Survivor Series) the right time to turn him heel? No.

    He's far more valuable right now among the ranks of the babyfaces than he would be as a heel. I don't see a heel turn for him making any sort of sense in his current IC Championship run. Maybe around next year's SummerSlam or Survivor Series would be a good time for a Ziggler heel turn.

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  5. I don't think he'll ever be a top heel. Might get a run at a belt but Rollins is a lil less gay
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  6. With Rollins around and in the position he is in?

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  7. Besides the fact that I don't believe HHH is a Ziggler supporter, its difficult to imagine him gathering more heat on a nightly basis than any of the Shield members could.
    I'm of the believe Roman Reigns has a huge heel run in him, Ambrose has all the ability in the world to be a great heel and Rollins heat is still very high.
    Since we're in the moment, Ziggler has built major credibility as a worker. It would be extremely difficult to flip that around given his average mic work.
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  8. I agree.

    Right now, Ziggler does need a heel turn, but I'm unsure if he can be the biggest heel in WWE. Besides, as much as I like Ziggler, he couldn't top Rollins, Rollins is top heel right now, man. I don't believe Reigns could be the biggest heel if he turns, either. I just don't think he has it in him.

    Speaking of top heels, when Ambrose turns, he'll blow shit up. That guy is just pure gold. But I dunno, Ambrose along with Wyatt just scream 'anti-hero' persona, imo.
  9. I disagree.
    Ziggler doesn't need a heel turn at all. All turning heel would do would send him back to a worse position than he already was before.
    If Ziggler turned heel, do you actually believe his position in the company would improve from where it is now?

    Wyatt is anti-hero. Ambrose is anti-authority.
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  10. Hell, I'd like to think that it would.

    But yeah, turning him heel may screw him up. Until it happens, we'll never know for sure.

    Both Wyatt and Ambrose are anti-somethings lol. That's what makes 'em awesome.
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  11. I don't see it, really. Not unless all the better heels retired or died or something.

    I've always thought Ziggler made the perfect midcarder (and people see that as a knock, but it isn't, really... the company needs midcarders and I just feel Ziggler fits the role to a T) and I was never on-board with anyone who thought he had the potential to be the next HBK or something. I certainly don't see "the top heel on the show" written on him.
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  12. Yeah, man. Rollins/Hunter have that 'top heel on the show' written on 'em right now. But Dean Ambrose will surpass 'em, he's gonna make an amazing heel, imo.
  13. I kinda prefer Ziggler as the top face midcarder, the crowd love him and he's one of their best wrestlers. Keep him in the IC title scene, push that damn title so it's important and let Ziggler have more mic time.
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  14. Couldn't agree more, man!
  15. I can't think of anything I want less than a Ziggler heel run. He is babyface material, it'd be a waste of one of the few big pops we see on WWE.
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  16. Yeah, it might not be a good time to turn him heel right now, anyways... Even though there are a shitload of heels, guys like Sheamus desperately need a turn, Sheamus needs it more. Plus, Rollins has that top heel spot and he's been doing a pretty good job.
  17. Ziggler is the perfect underdog with the way he was built, i'm excited to see his run. Also, like you said, there is an abundance of heels and people who really need the turn to get back on track (sheamus) while Ziggler is a great mid level replacement for DB until he returns. After that, i'll consider it, but I highly doubt he ever stops getting huge pops regardless.
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  18. WWE Universe likes Ziggler, regardless of who his babyface/heel character. Not sure if the company feels the same.
  19. Dolph Ziggler is a babyface through and through IMO, I truly don't think there's any need for him to turn heel.
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  20. No I dont think ziggler will turn heel
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