Is Drug Use An Issue Still Today?

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  1. Back in the day, drug use was everywhere in wrestling. Even in the WWE/F. My question is, do you think its still a problem? As we all know, they are strict about drug use. You smoke weed your suspended. Even using diet pills (Poor Rey), you get in trouble... But what about pain killers and sleep pills? You know, ones their doctors give them?
  2. Yes, I think drugs are still a problem cause some of the drugs are very addicting to use. In the news that I have watched recently, pain killers are the biggest thing to cause death. Yeah it is cool to use em only when you are in major pain on your body. The problem with wrestlers are that they start to take more then they should. If you smoke weed you should be punished by that since you know in your job you can't do drugs or smoke.
  3. I heard somewhere that half of the active roster takes pain killers, prescription ones, on a regular basis... So what happens when they retire? I mean they wont "need" the pills anymore. I can see it becoming a big problem. Just because a doctor okays it doesn't make it healthy.
  4. They do take pain killers, prescription drugs, on a regular basis, but when they turn old their body will feel the ruff of it. Their skin will not be pretty, it will be very awful. The damage that the drugs will do is take part of their remaining life span to cause a quicker death. And their moods will be the worst and some might start feeling bitter.
  5. I wonder if Punk takes pain pills :hmm:

    I know he's straight edge and all but come on, he looks like he's on drugs more then anyone else on the roster! LOL
    Anyways... Yeah they are probably going to look bad and all die in there 50's and 60's as sad as that is. They should really look into alternative treatment but I guess when you are doing shows several times a week, not much helps the pain. The way they beat themselves up in the ring alone will do damage when they age... The pills are going to make that a lot worse.
  6. Yeah, it is kind of hard for me to believe that Punk doesn't do Pain Killers. Just look at what happened to most people in the last decade. We have had many ex talents and current talent die in their 40's because of the cause in pain killers. But there is ways to deal with the pain like go to a massage center to get that ache toned down. I know every town has a massage center.
  7. I honestly think Punk is one of them guys who says he's straight edge because of personal hate toward others. AND if his doctor gives it to him, he's okay with taking it (drugs). I think I would not like him personally. He seems to be a huge hypocrite. As of the last year, Punk has aged so much. I think a mix of redbull, pain pills and no sleep would cause that.
  8. I do agree with you there, even though I like him, but I also think he is a huge hypocrite. The way he judged Jeff Hardy on his issues, while I think Punk does pain killers while no one is looking. There is no way his eye bags are that dark from only drinking red bull, lack of sleep and ect.
  9. I highly doubt Punk doesn't take painkillers.
  10. I think it's only a fine if you smoke weed in WWE. If you're referring to Orton he was suspended for steroids, in addition to having a fine for marijuana. I also think pain killers aren't allowed but i'm not so sure about that. With the schedules WWE gives their superstars it's be very admiral for one of them not to be on some type of something to get them going. If it's not something major that WWE will wave their finger at it's probably caffeine, which in my opinion is a drug that is at level at as all the rest, no discrimination.
  11. I honestly am confused. He's a hypocrite for taking prescribed drugs? You need antigens in your body so I'm confused on your accusation.

    inb4 people call me a Punk mark.

    I'm straight-edge too, I don't drink soda(cold beverages), coffee, ect.

    But when I take prescribed medication, I don't think that affects on me being a straight edge.

  12. Daniel Bryan has said in multiple interviews that doesn't take painkillers (not surprising for a guy who wrestled over an hour whilst blind and another time deaf). I think he mentioned Punk as well but I'm not sure.
  13. Didn't Punk crack his skull and refuse pain killers in IWA:MS
  14. He did now that you mention it.
  15. sXe !!!!!

  16. I guess a few of them take it because of the shedule, but not everyone.
  17. :idontcare:

    I'm just saying the way he talks and acts towards others. Its okay for him to act/be a certain way, do certain things, but when someone else does, he gets pissy. I am a huge Punk fan, I'm not a huge Phil fan is all I'm saying. I don't care to much for Phil.
  18. It's Punk's way of getting heat as a heel. If you have something like straight edge as the base of your character it's the obvious thing to do. Point out this fault in others and make yourself out as a saint. Heels are hypocritical, that's the basics off it.

    Just like when Punk is a face he puts the positive qualities of straight edge to the forefront, but as a heel he brings forth the negatives.
  19. So when he's not wrestling he's still in character?
    I know I will never meet him or be his friend so I guess I will never know how he is in real, actual life. All's I know is that he HATES people who use drugs, doesn't seem to hate the drugs... He "seems" like he hates the person, not the cause, if you get what I mean.
  20. Punk is known for living his gimmick when out in the public so I'd not take anything for granted. He is probably only himself among his close friends.

    And yes, a lot of die hard straight edgers are like that, hating the user, not the thing they are using.
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