Is EC3 Turning on Spud?

Discussion in 'TNA Feed' started by TNA, Sep 8, 2014.

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    Best friends for life, if you ask Rockstar Spud about his relationship with EC3. Since the men arrived in TNA, they have been nearly inseparable – but the recent turn of events indicate that all might not be as friendly as Rockstar Spud would hope.

    Obviously EC3 has been dealing with an unbelievable amount of stress, fighting for his Aunt Dixie’s safety against Bully Ray – a battle he ultimately lost once Bully Ray put precious Aunt D through a table. It is understandable that EC3 would lash out – however his victims seem to be mistargeted. Despite employing the hardcore icon Rhino to help his cause, EC3 blamed Rhino completely for the #BossToss that occurred on the August 7th edition of IMPACT. This is where the trouble really began.

    EC3 unleashed a vicious attack on Rhino, which Spud tried to halt – before being tossed across the ring by his “best friend” and being issued a telling warning with a staredown/point combo that would teach a troubled puppy every lesson instantly. This wasn’t the end, however.

    One week later, EC3 faced Rhino in a brutal match, which ended with EC3 being DQ’d while delivering a crushing beatdown of Rhino with a steel chair. Again, Rockstar Spud tried to calm his friend and stop the chaos — only to have the aggression turned towards himself again. EC3, already gigantic compared to Rockstar Spud, turned and nearly hit Spud with the chair as well – before Spud backed down and the attack on Rhino continued.

    That brings us to this week, where EC3 was challenged once again by Rhino. Even though EC3 has been a dominant force in recent weeks, what did he do? He volunteered Rockstar Spud to face Rhino in his place. Subsequently, EC3 watched along as Spud was decimated by the beastly Rhino.

    In our attempts to speak to the men, Rockstar Spud has been elusive and defensive. “Sir is not upset with me. This is a tough time. I am his friend & I will be there for him.”

    We hope, for Spud’s sake, he’s right but the facts do not seem to support his claims.


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