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  1. I know that WWE is scripted, there are storyline created by WWE Creative team behind it and all. but I didn't think that matches also cripted. Like Championship matches, Elimination Chamber, Money in the Bank, Royal Rumble 30 man elimination match etc.

    But my opinion was changed due to a tweet of THE ROCK..!

    This one -->

    Roman Reign is THE ROCK's COUSIN! !! I've just SHOCKED out. Everyone knows what The Shield did to THE ROCK before, while and after Royal Rumbel..! Even while the Championship match against CM PUNK in RoyalRumble!

    So that tweet has just changed my whole idea in a second. even reduced my interest about WWE Pro wrestling. So now I'm kinda disappointed. :emoji_slight_frown:

    Guys help me out turn me back as A BIG WWE Fan... or maybe not....
  2. Yes, most everything is scripted and pre-determined. The creative team comes up with ideas for Vince McMahon (the boss/promoter) to consider, the shows are scripted to a tee, the promos are almost always scripted, the winner of the matches are determined beforehand, some of the more experienced wrestlers like to call the match as it's happening (I'm pretty sure a couple of people heard HHH calling a spot or two out loud during the steel cage match at Extreme Rules) but most matches are still pretty much laid out it seems beforehand, etc.
  3. Yes, now more than ever, every aspect of any show or PPV is scripted in great detail.
  4. I think that at Royal Rumble, The Shield had nothing to do with it, I think someone broke that table and The Rock only had to act
  5. No. If you have that match in PC, Turn Gamma and Brightness high then watch the scene. The Shield is really dominating at boath match and The Rock.
  6. Well, I didn't know it, I just thought it was a fake stuff and that they didn't appear tbh. With that been said, it's business, people don't know in the ring they're cousins, simply business imo
  7. No! Everything is real! It's all real! Stop telling lies you motherfakers! :upset:
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