Extreme Rules is extreme rules 2012 bigger than WM 28

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by shrayan, May 2, 2012.

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  1. do you think that ER 2012 was more bigger than WM 28---- state your answer with reasons
  2. HELL NO! E.Rule was good this but the past 2 year the E.Rule has SUCK! 1 Night of the PPV good doe not make it better then WM! Hell I think MITB PPV will be better! SInce the 1st 2 PPV of MITB PPV were the Best PPV of that year! 2010 was WAY FUCKIN better then WM26 and do I have to state a reason why the 2011 MITB PPV was the best PPV of the year?

  3. Since ER had overall better match quality then WM this year. WM had a lot of good matches but ER this year had almost only good matches so yeah, quality vice it was better overall.
  4. HELL! 2 JOBBER MATCHEST! On the card and you think it better heel no!

  5. It was better than Wrestlemania, but it wasn't bigger. Nothing is bigger than Wrestlemania.
  6. You're using the wrong wording. Nothing is bigger than wrestlemania. Good or bad. The question should be was ER better. But we didn't have the end of era match or once in a lifetime @ ER , which are the 2 m atches that made WM 28 great. so it wasn't.
  7. You don't think ER was better though?

    Sheamus/Bryan in a 4star match.
    Punk/Jericho in a 4 star match.
    Brock/Cena in a very good match.
    The crowd being awesome.

    The only good moment WM had for me was the end of an era match. Rock/Cena wasn't a good match to watch really, it had a few good spots but it wasn't as "edge of your seat" as I anticipated.
  8. The matches themselves were better. But Taker/HHH and Rock/Cena will probably never happen again, especially in that environment. If WM 28 had more of a hardcore element to it like taker/HHH did, it might have been better. One of the reason ER was better was cuz it was Extreme Rules, more entertaining than DQ matches.
  9. Sheamus & Bryan didn't really have too much HC stuff, but I'd prefer watching that than any of WM 28 apart from HHH vs Taker.
  10. What makes a PPV big? What makes one PPV better than all the rest? It's a matter of opinion, really.

    I remember enjoying ER 3 of the last 4 years, while Wrestlemania was disappointing at best for all 4.
    While Wrestlemania's the bigger name, they've conditioned me to believe that it won't live up to expectations.
    To me, Extreme Rules is the bigger PPV.
  11. The only "jobber match" on the ER card was the united states one and it was even cut from the main card. The IC match whilst not a main event match was overall good since Cody by this point knows how to carry Big Slow. Comparing a Divas match to a jobber match is a insult to Jobbers everywhere but it was made up for with the return of the sexiest and third best diva on the current active roster. Yes. ER was better then Wrestlemania. Nothing wrestlingwise will be bigger then Wrestlemania but ER was better this year.
  12. Unless they serve up something special for Summerslam, I can't see a PPV this year being any better. Amazing top 3 matches. Wrestlemania was a great PPV but match quality wise ER pips it.
  13. Summerslam will be another disappointment imo.
  14. I could see a Triple H Brock Lesnar match which - as much as you dislike Triple H - will no doubt be an awesome match.
  15. Backlash (historically the post WWE PPV) has always been strong and worth the clams shelled over

    It figures, frankly, cause Backlash was always my favorite PPV
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