is first row sports now completely blocked in the uk?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Gav back in the championship, Jul 30, 2013.

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  1. i know sky won a court case so that all providers in the uk blocked the site can someone from the uk confirm if this is now in place for me tried to watch raw last night with no luck also is there a way around it thank s in advance
  2. not sure, and i give 0 fucks. Fuck you Eurofags. 'Merica.
  3. It is blocked by BT so far. Other big ones should follow. Use some proxy sites that you can find with google. E.g. Or other streaming sites like
  4. I can get on both. Even if they took them down I have other options to get around the block.
  5. I'm on BT, and I can access it at

    SO pointless blocking firstrow though. ISP's must know there are hundreds of mirror sites out there that simply copy the firstrow streams and host it themselves. This age has outgrown must-have subscriptions; needless spending is unnecessary now, especially in this economy. Why pay for a monthly subscription when it's free online?

    Companies need to stop fighting piracy and counter it with clever schemes like Spotify, iTunes, Netflix, etc. Football is too big to remove it from people, so streaming sites will continue to prosper.

  6. I'm with Sky and is blocked, as it as you posted above.

    You're right though. I mean, how cheated do football fans feel when EVERY game of EVERY team is broadcast EVERY week on NBC in the US this season and the coming seasons... yet we have to pay extortionae prices per month for Sky Sports just to see what, 3 games per weekend? And obviously they favour the big teams so if you support a smaller club, you're rarely on.
  7. Poor you. It's pathetic. Not only that, but the 3PM rule where games can't be broadcasted here to save gate sales is also annoying. So if your game is on at 3pm, it won't even show on Sky, so there is NO way to watch it live without streaming.
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  8. I know, I pity myself :pity:

    Yep, like, surely they could do a month trial or so. With every game being broadcast for the 3pm games, to look at gate sales. I'm not saying every game has to be broadcast every week, but hell, they could do all matches and make them PPV. £5 per match and then you can watch your own team if you want to, even if it's on a saturday. Sure it's less money for the club but so what, all the owners are billionaires anyway..
  9. a lot of teams do rely on ticket sales if they showed 3pm games were on sky a lot more clubs would end up like portsmouth not every club has a billionaire owner i can understand why sky would do this especially when they pay billions for the rights still annoying though
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