Is HHH really an ego maniac?

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  1. Now I like HHH the wrestler , the superstar that I grew up watching him being the best Heel in the business....

    I was and still am a big fan of his on screen character, but I just can't help but hate his real behind the scenes persona if what we here and read is true....

    Many are considering him an ego maniac that only cares about himself, many say that if it wasn't for his marriage to Stephanie, he wouldn't be where he is today...

    Sometimes, things get crystal clear that you don't need someone to tell you what's going on, especially with the latest reports on the plans for HHH/Brock 2 at WM29 which we all now what the outcome will be if it really happens.

    Their first match at SS was Good, but definitely didn't live up to the hype imo, and its definitely not a WM material, but there is a big chance that it will happen again, and no....its not for the good of business...

    We all know HHH will go over, he wants to get that win, even if it means that he will miss 2 matches like Rock/Brock & HHH/Punk or something that will be a billion times better than seeing that match again...

    Another example is him destroying Goldberg in 2003, Hell how can we forget him going over Punk at NOC last year?

    Bottom line is, Trips may have some good ideas at how to develop the business, but his ego should never be more important to him than the business itself...

  2. All wrestlers are ego maniacs
  3. Well I for one don't care for Rock/Brock but I see your point. If he's booking himself into that it's not necessarily the best for the business, but he's slowly becoming a backstage guy only, so I don't think it'll harm us that much.
  4. Dat burial :fap:
  5. Can someone tell me how that was any good for business?

    Hell Punk's momentum was heart big time after that stupid outcome....
  6. HHH needed to remind Punk who the boss was. HHH will be around until he dies. Punk may be gone within a few more years
  7. No man is bigger than the company. HHH took care of business :bury:
  8. Who isn't an ego maniac?
  9. Yeah, that skinny fatass vanilla midget thought he was the man :bury:
  10. This is utterly fucking retarded. Of course he wouldnt, but he didnt marry the finest bitch in the WWE because he thought he couldn't choke vince's dick down well enough by himself. He married Stephanie Mcmahon, things would be different if it never happened, but this isnt back to the fucking WWE's Future. If that time machine existed, Ted Turner would go back with Michael J Fox (we all know why) to stay on top. Then again, I'd go back in time and steal Rammy's first packers jersey. :woo1:

    Long story short, what if's are the dumbest shit ever. Dude is an egomaniac, but nothing compared to what we have now, and probably the best case scenario. She fucked Macho Man Randy Savage for christ sakes. Think about how that would have happend. He'd have to not be dead.
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  11. Leo, that skinny fatass vanilla midget is THE BEST IN THE WORLD! :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:IPEBOMB:
  12. :pity: really. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:ipebombe:
  13. HHH is the man. Everyone knows it.

    Disagree? You vs HHH.

    Everyone is an ego maniac, HHH, HBK, Cena, Punk, Orton and the list goes on.
  14. Not really. :bitw:
  15. I accept the challenge :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:unk:
  16. Santiiinooo
  17. [​IMG]
  18. This may even be a true story.
  19. He can't intimidate me with his water spitting abilities :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:unk:

    You got anything more intimidating?
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