Is Hogan worth the money?

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  1. He is receiving a LOT of money from TNA per-appearance, do you think he's worth it? He is getting paid extraordinary amounts while talent like Crimson and Joey Ryan are getting axed to cut costs. I understand Hoagn is a big name and could bring good local publicity when he's in various cities, but is he a TV-draw any more? Is Hogan making TNA enough money to warrant the wage he gets?

    This could be a good discussion.
  2. He's the biggest name in wrestling history except maybe Rock or Austin, right? Well if they're having financial problems then he isn't good for business. They haven't been drawing much live attendance. Hell, ratings have gone down!

    Creatively they aren't doing much with him, arrive, set up the main event, leave. And that's the best case scenario for what you can do with the guy. He can't take bumps and never could wrestle, and outside of his catchphrases he's not even that good of a talker... don't see why you'd keep him around when Sting can do everything he can do and more.

    Don't see an argument how you can defend Hogan being there.
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  3. Yes, he can draw money and people because of his reputation, but his pay is super overrated. :aries: It's like a 60-year old hooker asking for more money because she has more experience and STDs than the others.
  4. Can he draw money? I'm sure he can, but here's the thing, how much of a profit do you make when you subtract his appearance to the people he draws in? I can guarantee you that they're not making much of a profit at all. Hogan has been there a good while, and I think it's time for him to go. It can save TNA money, get back some of the older fans, get younger talent, and that's it. Hogan just needs to go away already, he can't wrestle, nor do anything in the ring.
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  5. Basic rule in Economics, nice.

    Also, he'll be a good use of a legend if he wrestles like he should. But what are we seeing? HIM SHOVING HIMSELF AND HIS DAUGHTER TO OUR THROATS.
  6. Pretty sure he's shoving himself down his daughter's throat too. huehuehue
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  7. No.

    He was worth to TNA these past 2,5 yrs he's been in it, but it's minimum of minimums. He got them the 1.4 rating for his debut, and probably talked Dixie to go on the road, and maybe got attendance numbers a bit.

    But that really isn't much. He should've done a lot more for them, IMO.

    I believe his contract is up in October of this year, and it would only be smart for TNA to get rid of him (and Brook for that matter) as soon as BFG ends.
  8. If he made a lot less money then yes, he'd be god to have around as the authority figure. However, I'd remove him from being the focal point of the biggest angle as he's been during the A&E's stuff. As for Brooke, yes :gtfo:
  9. Nah, the cost/benefit isn't good for TNA in this situation. He isn't getting many eyeballs into the product and as a character also doesn't help. They could keep him because I like hearing his theme and all but that's not really worth 30k for each time.
  10. Absolutely, he's put on some classic matches already.
  11. Hogan for Raw GM brother.

  12. This would actually be awesome. I also wonder if he did leave TNA at the end of the year, if it's not possible to try and get Hogan to wrestle one last match against Cena for Wrestlemania 30. They supposedly wanted that to happen at Wrestlemania 25 and it would have been a perfect retirement and send off for Hogan then. I wouldn't put it past WWE (and Hogan) to try it again for next year either, though. (No, I wouldn't want to see it. WM25 would have been awesome, but not now... Not that Hogan is probably leaving TNA soon anyway.)
  13. Yeah dude. Hogan vs. Hernandez from 2010 in a Ballpeen Hammer match was dope, and Hogan vs. Jesse Gooderz in that classic 2/6 falls was ****+. Not to mention Hogan beat both of them jack.
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  14. Well obviously he needed putting over, he could carry this business for the next 30 years brother.
  15. Sure, Hogan might be drawing in some people. People hear the iconic name "Hogan" and immediately know who he is so I suppose him being in TNA would attract some attention. Do I think he's doing anything worthwhile there? Hell no. He opens just about every show, makes some matches, and leaves. Once that feud with Bully is over he's going to be even more irrelevant than he already is. Since he's arrived it's bothered me for the simple reason that he's getting paid basically to attract attention, and like you said, he's taking the money from guys that should be developing there that actually mean something.
  16. TNA road numbers would be around the same range (3000ish people) even without Hogan. You don't need Hogan to attract people. You need good product (which TNA has imo) and good marketing team (which it hasn't). Just look at WWE, they've been selling us hot air and all kinds of shit the past 15 yrs.
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  17. Exactly. ^
  18. If WWE does fine without Hogan, then why can't TNA? It's all about building up stars.

  19. Because they don't have a Vince McMahon-caliber person running the place, they have Dixie Carter.
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  20. Id like to keep him until the end of the year/end of aces and 8s. After that? :gtfo: I'm honestly not sure what the huge problem is, besides the obvious (lack of commercials/advertising/etc)

    I think the ratings have been due to the night more than anything, id rather impact be on tuesday/friday nights. With NFL starting soon, ratings wont be getting better.
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