Is it a foregone conclusion that Rock is carrying the belt from the Rumble until WM?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Aug 22, 2012.

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  1. It seems pretty obvious

    1.) he is the biiggest draw and it's not even remotely close (all WWE cares about is the quick buck)
    2.) his promo about wanting to be champ, having the Rumble title match announced so far in advance, ect. Obvious foreshadowing
    3.) sets up Cena/Rock II but with a title on the line so they can promote that it's bigger and more important
    4.) WWE needs the golden boy to make up for losing to Rock at this years Mania
    5.) Rock Cena II coupled with Taker vs Lesnar would smash WWE buy rate records IMO

    That's all I've for now. But you can book this obvious shit
  2. Could be. It could be CM Punk vs The Rock at the Royal Rumble, and CM Punk losing his championship there, as well as John Cena winning the Royal Rumble. CM Punk doesn't want Rock to fight Cena, so he gets a rematch at the next Pay-Per-View, which The Rock wins. Then they can battle it out at Wrestlemania, which obvious John Cena will win.
  3. If Rocky wants, Rocky gets. I suppose this is a question Vince will pose to Rocky himself.
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    Uggggghhhhhh that sounds awful. Welcome to TNA in 2010. (Yeah, nobody else feels that way, but there's my opinion.)

    They've set up something obvious months in advance... some combination of Rock vs Punk and Rock vs Cena at RR and 'Mania. TNA set up something obvious as well (Storm vs Roode at Bound for Glory), but they took the overly obvious plans and completely blew them up to create a shocking moment and a new main eventer, and now we have no freaking clue what's going to happen. WWE has to copy TNA... again.

    It would be great to see Daniel Bryan or someone win the belt as we enjoy seeing if he can throw a wrench in the gears.
  5. Yes, that seems to be the obvious conclusion. Rock-Punk is definitely happening at the Rumble, and the only way I see Rock losing is if him promoting GI Joe around the time Wrestlemania happens means that he won't be able to make the PPV at all. Otherwise, you can pretty much consider Rock-Cena II set in stone. I also wouldn't guarantee that it will smash box office records. This year's Wrestlemania wasn't the biggest WM of all time like it was originally thought to be, and now that we've already seen Rock-Cena once and the nostalgia of seeing Rock wrestle at least one more match has wore off (especially since we'll get to see him wrestle again at the Rumble as well), I wouldn't bet that the rematch will be as big of a deal as the first was.
  6. lololol fucking error

    I agree. It's as obvious as what shit smells like.
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    You are thinkin like too much of a smark. Marks, who buy way more PPVs than smarks see it as Rock being champ which adds to it and they will eat up the rematch Cena revenge BS.

    Plus Brock vs Taker is a match that even without Rock or Cena on the card would draw 1 million buys
  8. Yes, it's 99.9% happening, there's no doubt about it. I personally can't wait.
  9. It'll happen, yes. Do I like it? No. Will it build any new stars? No. Will it give Vince the quick cash he likes? Yeah, so it's happening.
  10. Rock will lose to cena at RR for the title and then make rematch at WM saying they are 1-1 so whoever wins next will win the feud! rock will then win at WM and carry belt until summerslam
  11. The only reason I don't see this happening is because Cena/Rock is a draw match, it'd be wasted on the RR because the RR draws itself (the rumble match). There is no special match to draw in buys, they come anyway.
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    I can't lie seeing Rock as champ one last time will make me mark from the overwhelming nostalgia
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    Not only that, Rock/Punk verbal exchanges imo will be gold.
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    Yea that feud would be nice but I would rather not get Cena/Rock II after it, but we obviously would. Maybe Punk stays involved and we get a three way feud/match
  15. That'd be cool (the triple threat), Punk going over both on WM is pure fantasy booking though lol.
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    Punk drops title to Rock, Cena wins Rumble, Rock vs Cena gets set up and Punk freaks out and places himself in the middle of Rock/Cenas feud until he's added to the match, which Cena of course would win.
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    I was actually thinking like a casual fan when I thought of that. The show will do huge and probably reach at least over a million buys just because Wrestlemania can sell itself on the hype of the event itself, regardless of what the card looks like. I'm sure those two matches will draw on their own, but I don't see them breaking the biggest buyrate ever record. WM26 sort of proved that putting a lot of hype on Taker's streak doesn't automatically draw, as the show didn't do nearly as well as they had hoped, and honestly, Brock isn't nearly as big of a pro wrestling draw as he is/was in UFC. His match with Cena at ER did well, but not as well as people thought it would.
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    Brock wasn't a big draw back when he was first with the WWE but nowadays he is probably their biggest star on the roster because he has not only wrestling fans that like him but UFC fans as well. Lesnar is a much bigger draw in wrestling today than he was 10 years ago.
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    Really, I'm not sure he is. Logic would dictate that being a huge star in UFC would guarantee him being a much bigger star in the WWE, but I don't think it automatically translates that way. Many UFC fans (and vice versa) could care less about the WWE, and might have only cared a little to see Brock's first match back just to see what it was like. And I think the average buyrate for a PPV that Brock headlined back then would be around 300,000-350,000 or a little higher, whereas Extreme Rules did only around 250,000, and that includes all the hype of Brock coming over from the UFC (which is hugely popular at the moment) and having a match with the WWE's biggest star. Even if we count the rise of illegal streaming (which I think is sometimes a cop out for an argument but slightly a valid point), he still doesn't seem to be much bigger of a draw than he really was back then.
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    It was Extreme Rules for God's sake. How many buys does it normally do, 200k? I don't think you can just look at 250k and say he's not a bigger draw now. Wrestling buyrates as a whole were surely much greater in 2002 when Brock was around as opposed to todays buyrates?

    if Summerslam buyrates are up as big a % from last year as the ER buyrates were then I think it's pretty obvious Brock is drawing. Comparing raw numbers with his first run is pointless because of all the variables and changes over the last decade, but I have just always heard that he wasn't a very good draw back then, so it's not like it's saying much to say he is a better draw now.
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