Is it a spoiler if the show has aired today? About D BRY on Smackdown.

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    Looks hilarious.​
    Daniel Bryan broke out of the shackles for his match with Jack Swagger tonight, the aggression he showed was very old school, even bringing back the multiple stomps to a downed opponent. He could have added more submission into his matches but with this build that looks like it'll happen in the very near future, the goatface has snapped and long may it continue. He showed great psychology and facial expressions to match his expected stellar execution. Just look at how he sold the aggression as he went for the corner dropkick when Swagger was seated in the corner, if you've been impressed with Daniel currently expect to blown away if they continue booking him like this in the coming months.​

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  2. Yeah that was definitely some ROH Bryan right there. The intensity, the facial expressions and the in ring aggressiveness reminded me of the Homicide feud and the rivalry he had with Samoa Joe. I could see him bust out the stomps as a way to knock out an opponent when he has a guy too big to submit.

    Lets see were this goes
  3. Just watched and was away to make a thread. Marked for this, they've obviously just given up on Swagger lmao.
  4. Marked out as well. Mah boy D Bryan just kicked that f***** head in lol.
  5. Marking and I didn't even watch SD :cole:

  6. Here's the backstage fallout from Smackdown. Seems like the all out comedy character is dead. Hopefully he'll keeps parts of his comedic character since they add a lot of depth to him. Him being emotional and wearing it on his sleeve is a good way for him to connect with the crowds.
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  7. I seriously been waiting for WWE to have him go the aggressive account for a while.
  8. :hmm: What kind of knot did Damien untangle? I didn't quite get that.
  9. The Gordian knot. It is a part of the legend of Alexander the Great. A farmer called Gordian used to tie his bull to a tree using a knot that couldn't be untied by anyone but him. People traveled far and wide to try and untying it, but all failed. When Alexander the Great tried it he figured out that he could cut up the knot instead of untie it.
  10. It was a the end of the video he kept on saying it with so much emphasize....
  11. I AM MARKING! HOLY SHIT YES!! :yes: :yes: :yes:

    inb4 he goes back to making out with Kane and jobbing next week
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