Is It Confirmed That AJ Lee Is A Two Time Diva's Champion?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Butters!, Mar 29, 2014.

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  1. I figured this would be a great discussion as no one has ever brought this up within the WWE.

    I think it was around in 2012 Where AJ lee had won her first championship in a house show then to have it won back off Eve Torres Shortly after.

    We've also had one women's wrestler who won her third title in a house show, that was Mickie James. Unfortunately she was striped of the title but still recognized for her accomplishment,

    Has AJ lee ever been announced a two time diva's champion?


    Do you also think that she should be announced a two time diva's champion?
  2. Best to move this thread to the public wrestling sections.
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  3. Well depending on the timeline of events and considering she got that tattoo of hers that she talked about so much since it was her "first title reign" when she won the title this last time, she might not want it to get out that she had actually won the title once before. Just guessin though
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  4. This could be right, Damn that girl is crazy. I'd be walking around saying "Bitch please, I held it twice... and you didn't even know it!"
  5. She should be. Everyone's personal feelings put aside, she won the title twice, and should be recognized twice.
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  6. I had no idea this took place at all. Did she win it and lose it at the same house show? It's strange, I absolutely don't recall this. So I guess technically she won the belt twice, sure, but I don't think it should be mentioned.
  7. I will defiantly do my research and see if I can provide a link about this. She did sadly lose the title on the same night.
  8. She isn't recognized on as having won the title before Payback of last year, so whatever the circumstances are surrounding her winning it and then losing it back shortly after (or being stripped, or whatever) in 2011/2012, it's not regarded as an official title win.
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  9. Here it is, @Leo C @Big Boss @Trip in the Head @Lockard

    Eve Torres Won her Title back due to Vickie Restarting the match, I assume this was around the storyline where Vickie was trying to make AJ's life a living hell. So not only that but this would also make Eve Torres a four time diva's champion. More times held then any diva.
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  10. Similar scenario to 2000 when Jericho legit beat HHH for the WWF title
    HHH was so power hungry he somehow annulled the win completely (sound familiar?)
    Jericho had 2 wait stupid long to finally win it (when HHH was hurt)
    He the lost it in an embarrassing feud to, you guessed it, HHH

    I can't put my finger on but this Jericho/HHH feud sounds vaguely familiar today
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  11. Since it happened at a house show and she lost it immediately afterwards to Eve Torres, I don't think it counts as a title reign. Also, I don't think anything that happens on house shows affects anything that occurs on the main shows afterward as far as feuds and title changes.
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  12. That truly sucks IMO. And makes me wonder if they are taking the Diva's title as seriously as they should. As this happened to Jillian hall at one point on raw if I recall.

    I guess in my heart AJ will always be a two time diva's champion.
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  13. Dang, Poor Jericho!
  14. Seems like the same thing that happened with RVD/Undertaker. Match restarted, so the match begun, thus the title change was put on hold. The match was erased, cleared and began once more as before, with Eve being the Diva's championship. So no, that doesn't make her a Diva's champion then since technically that ending was erased.
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  15. Dang! Screwjobs everywhere.
  16. I suppose I'd rather take her current title reign as her first. As uneventful as it has been at times (given the fact that her feud with Kaitlyn has been her only legitimate feud and storyline), I think it makes it more meaningful since she's held on to the title for so long. Getting the title at a house show and losing it within minutes doesn't exactly sound like a good first title reign lol.
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  17. It really doesn't lol! However I agree she's made her mark well known with this title region and is defiantly up there with the top diva's champions Like Michelle Mccool, Eve And Maryse. Hopefully she continues to make history because she is one of two diva's that I'm insanely interested in. I just want to see what she does next.
  18. Who cares. AJ Lee sucks.
  19. Trying to hard bro
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  20. Don't.

    He'll go to bed crying at night for he's secret desire to love her.
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