Is it good or bad that we talk so much about Punk?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Mar 30, 2013.

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  1. He is one of the most beloved stars in the IWC, but over the last year or two he is becoming loathed by many. He sort of has a love me/hate me thing going on now (stealing Cena's gimmick), but what he does get is attention. Whether it's something he says on screen or off screen, we like to talk about it. Does it make him more interesting or better that he is this controversial?

    If Cena thought part-timers were stealing spotlight, and was asked if he did think this, he would reply with something generic that the company would recommend he say. Where as Punk has called out Miz, Rock, and numerous other things during his run as the main event guy. I personally admire that as it sort of reminds me of the older times where they had more balls. Punk knows he is too big to be fired now (like Austin did iirc), and will be brutally honest.

    Some think he's a whining dick who needs to get punched by Brock, and some admire him for his honesty and his attitude. What side of the fence are you on? Thought this would be a good topic to discuss, which coincides with this question.
  2. Sometimes he complains too much,Rock is a movie star..I can understand that he will work less.But Punk kinda represents most of the marks out there.As you said , he knows he wont get fired and he says what he (and the 90% of the locker room ) thinks.We all think the part timers suck ( you know what I mean like missing shows etc) He's the only guy to say the truth.I didnt watch the AE but I can tell you he's different from the rest of the guys at the backstage
  3. I love his work / honesty but hate the majority of his marks, I'm an admitted Punk fanboy but he's reached that stage where people will admit he'll do no wrong. It's like Dean Ambrose, he's a great promo and a good brawler but some people were calling him the BITW which just annoyed me senseless.
  4. To me, it's bad. After his SES back in 2009/2010, he came to Raw. At Raw he fought Wade Barrett for NeXus leadership and won. When he won, he ambushed people. After ambushing people, he had the Cena/Punk rivalry for the WWE Championship. After Cena, Del Rio. And so on. Now he's fighting Rock. After Rock, he's now going against Undertaker at Wrestlemania XXIX. So yeah it's tiring and bad.
  5. It's mostly annoying, and annoyance isn't a good thing. I agree with Seabs, his marks are the worst. They swear he's the second cumming of Christ or some shit. Seriously anything he does or says is front page news among the smarks.
    He's good in the ring and on the mic, I can't say he's bad (even if I'm not a fan, and his ''pipebombs'' don't do much for me usually), but I don't think he even comes close to being as great as he or his marks think he is.
  6. Exactly.
  7. Good wrestler, great on the mic, but he's too big a mark for himself. I've been liking him less and less recently.
  8. We all do.
  9. I enjoy him. I think he makes a great heel and appears to have a great work ethic. I don't mind him speaking his mind since I don't take him all that seriously. He has an opinion like everyone else and he's open to expressing it if he wants to. It doesn't really bother me that much since it doesn't have any bearing on me if I happen to disagree with him. I take him at what he presents in the ring and on the mic, and personally I enjoy what he presents as a great character through the WWE. How he conducts himself outside of the ring isn't really something I'm concerned with.
  10. Punk deserves all the attention we give him. If you don't believe me just ask CM Punk.
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  11. Punk has his own head too far up his own ass. He's good but he seems to think that he is Jesus. I can admire his honesty and saying what's on his mind but when he himself cannot deliver the solution that the part timers or other guys he shoots on does then he just comes off as whining and annoying.

    good wrestler, great talker, horrible attitude.
  12. I don't see why it's a bad thing... yeah, our constant talk about the guy may turn some people off, but a lot of those people will love watching him lose just to get their jollies out of us being pissed off about it (right, @Beavis ?). He draws either way, whether it's our fanboyism or unintentional heel heat.
  13. He actually gets "go way" heat from me. I'll tune in if he's going up against Daniel Bryan or Rocky, otherwise I really don't give a shit about him. Even his current feud with Taker isn't doing anything for me (though the match should be solid).

  14. Same.

    I think people think I am joking/it is my gimmick to hate on Punk, but unless he is in a match with someone I like I can't stand seeing him do anything. 99% of the time I am watching a promo of his I am bored.
  15. I like Punk's work. Although I do understand how marks thinking someone can do no wrong are annoying. I like the fact that he's honest about what happens, that aspect I like.
  16. Punk is just someone who speaks his mind, which I can certainly appreciate. It's better than someone being a company yes man and only saying what would put the company in a good mood. Similar to Randy Orton critiquing The Rock in 2011, though he said in an interview that Laurantis pulled him aside backstage and told him Vince was upset over his comments. Also similar to Bret Hart criticizing Triple H earlier this year. I'm glad just because Bret is on peaceful terms with Vince and HBK again doesn't mean he's just gonna praise anything and everything the company is doing and only speak about things that put over the company (or the people in it) in a positive way. He too still has an honest opinion and speaks it, even if he is bitter.
  17. I like him, his attitude is what a wrestler should be IMO. You need to always be going "why am I not in Wrestlemania's main event". I'll admit his promo's can be boring, but it depends on who he's up against really :/.

    He reminds me of Frank Grimes in the episode of The Simpsons
  18. It's something, I don't like to focus on him but in the end is what heels are about
  19. CM Punk is one of the sole reasons why most of us is watching WWE nowadays, I agree that many of his marks are just stupid but we shouldn't take anything from him because of it.
    The guy proved during the coarse of the last 2 years that he is one of the best workers, his -record breaking- 434 days as champion proves it.
  20. Talking about someone a lot can both be good and bad. The good part is obviously he is interesting enough to get people talking, and he is getting attention on the product and proving his words and actions are effective.

    At the same time, talking about someone constantly can make them really boring and irritating. I am sure most people can't stand certain celebrities because they are literally all over the place....

    I am a Punk fan, but, even I can take so much conversation revolving around him.
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