Is it just me or should The Shield's final purpose...

Discussion in 'RAW' started by seabs, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. be to establish Seth as a monster face? I know it's early to begin their break up but give Ambrose a long reign with WWE title in 2013, Seth wins the RR 2014 before winning the belt at WM. Book it similar to Evolution with Batista and HHH for me, it could be golden.
  2. Would be great to watch, for sure. Rollins excels as a face and seeing Ambrose as champ would be awesome.
  3. I said this, but with Reigns.
  4. As long as Shield signifies a long and glorified era of WWE ushering new talent and new blood when they are ready and with I decent storyline I'm happy.

    Ambrose as WWE champ tho huge mark ur tits of moment for sure.

    Defo agree with something like this it'd be nice if the WWE had something so long term planned but i very much doubt it. Dont think creative see beyond next week let alone 2013.
  5. Not sure Rollins is main event material. I love the guy and I agree that he should be the Batista-type character to break from the dominant group and that he should feud with Ambrose, but I don't think a major title should be involved.
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  6. Yeah pretty much this for me. I also don't see Rollins as good enough to be winning the WWE championship, can't see him being much higher than the D-Bry role in all honesty. I do agree that Ambrose should put him over after the group ends though, he's similar to Miz , Bryan and Jericho in that he can take a defeat and still be seen as a credible main eventer in his next match.
  7. Yeah, not seeing main event material from Rollins.
  8. I am definitely seeing main event material from Rollins when it comes to his ring work and presence. He has face charisma like no other but he falls short on the microphone. At the moment I see him getting the Jeff Hardy/Kofi treatment. Becoming the guy WWE trusts completely. Giving him plenty of matches and time to shine in the upper midcard, sniffing around the main titles but never quite getting them. Maybe holding the WHC once but not the WWE title. He can improve his mic skills though and then it becomes a different ball game. Dolph is an example of that. Rollins career in the WWE will still be glorious thou.
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