Is it just me or...

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  1. Does this year seem just "blah" being this close to wrestle mania?
    I mean like, I am honestly not hyped about anything yet.
  2. Nah I think everyone feels this way. Except maybe Crayo. he is a mark
  3. I am usually excited to see at least one or two matches at Wrestle Mania by January and I am just not hyped for it this year.
  4. The three rumored matches are all predictable and comprised mostly of part-timers, so a lot of people feel there isn't much to look forward to. But I think the feeling of specialness that Wrestlemania usually brings with it will start to creep in more and more the closer we get to it. We still have to get past Elimination Chamber.
  5. I guess so. Usually I am excited for something by now though. :sad:
  6. I'm more excited for this years Wrestlemania than last years. I think it's looking quite good to be honest.
  7. I'm with you Brit, not very hyped about it this year at all.
  8. I'm in the same boat. Then again, I haven't been "hyped" for anything wrestling-related in many months so I'm probably not the best person to listen to here. Until Ziggler cashes in and wins the World title I don't imagine I'll be hyped for anything (luckily, I'm positive he's cashing in at Mania).
  9. With all this hype and expectation around Ziggler's reign, I would prepare to be disappointed.
  10. hahahaha i knew it you fucking MARK!
  11. Classic Dolph level maturity. Sorry I'll post a reply I know you'll enjoy:

    "oh hell no WWE sucks omg anyone who likes it are fucking marks lol im gonna go onto a wwe forum and complain and say i hate it all god i hate it man Wrestlemania sucks im gonna post how much it sucks and everyone here will think im cool".

    Seriously though, I'm enjoying RAW at the moment and in return Wrestlemania. I'm not the only one either.
  12. Who else is praising the RTWM this year?
  13. Your former Robin is... Don't really see how you can complain much about the show quality right now, it could always be better but it's nowhere near as bad as anything we got last year.

    I'm not pumped for at all for Wrestlemania itself, but the road leading there should be fun.
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  14. It just seems so ho hum and status quo. Nothing offensive, but nothing like we've come to expect for a RTWM. I thought last year's road to Mania was fine, basically on par with this year thus far, but things felt a lot less stale. Rock/Cena II just does nothing for me (or anyone, seemingly)

    And I don't think I could ever enjoy a road to something that I know I won't enjoy. I guess that's just me though.
  15. I am not saying it is awful this year... Just not excited for it is all.
  16. I'm more excited about MitB, to be honest.
  17. Sorry if this is presumptions, but isn't Dolph basically the only superstar you mark for or care about at the moment? There might be a couple more (though I don't remember) but the superstars the PPV is basically revolved around aren't really your types of guys (Punk for example). Furthermost, the build has been pretty much Punk's territory at the moment and we all know how much you dislike him.

    Forgive me if I'm wrong but it's seemingly a case of the biggest PPV of the year based around guys you dislike or don't care about, so naturally you won't really enjoy it.

    For me and others who are positive about it, we have:

    - Whatever CM Punk is doing. He has been the best thing in wrestling recently for me and I have no shame admitting that (Bobby Roode is up there too).

    - The Rock. Regardless of whether it's with Cena again, I'll be enjoying his promos with John and the build should be good. Whatever the result it will be something to discuss and is something I care about and something I'm curious about.

    - Brock Lesnar. Even if it's with big nose McGee I will still be excited as I'm a huge Brock mark.

    - Dolph Ziggler and Chris Jericho. No explanation needed.

    - The Shield. I mark so hard for all these guys at the moment.

    - Antonio Cesaro. Again, one of my current favourites, so I'm invested in whatever he's doing.

    - Mark Henry. Hall of pain is back baby.

    - A shining Alberto Del Rio. <3

    Lots for me to love about WWE at the moment.
  18. Is it just me or is it freakin' hot in here? #TazSwerve
  19. #Taztify
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  20. So far this year's is much better than last year's, the roster is looking so much better now as Crayo mentioned above.

    But looking at the possible card: Lesnar/HHH II will have awesome build as a guy you love faces a guy you hate, the four guys you mark for in the company will all be facing each other (Ziggler and Jericho, Henry and Alberto), how can you not be excited? Granted, there's always a chance of WWE doing something retarded like having Jack Swagger win the chamber, but we can always hope.

    Rock and Cena will be in the ME spot where you'll be half asleep anyway.
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