Is it just me who finds this to be the biggest problem with The Rock...

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by seabs, Mar 3, 2012.

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  1. He's a forty year old man who's beginning to go grey, yet he's still throwing insults like kung po bitch and Cena's lady parts. I get wrestling isn't mature as a whole but it's still seems like he's trying everything to go back 10 years. Like a middle aged man buying a Porche. He just doesn't have the spark any more. They should have told him to drop the catchphrases imo or at least limit them.
  2. People don't seem to mind the insults, as evidenced by the crowd reaction. His insults are somewhat immature, but his delivery makes them funny. It wouldn't hurt to limit them, though.
  3. Let's be honest he could say anything and they'd pop. He's a legend after all.
  4. I don't mind the immature catch phrases if they're oginial and a one off, I want him to be more serious. Cena has come off better every encounter they've had so far. Why? Because he's been cutting serious promos, when Cena left this Monday Night and Rock cut another promo after, that was his best since his return. He looked pissed off (probably because Cena shooted on his notes) and was selling Wrestlemania.

    More seriousness, less comedic catch phrases and he'll be fine.
  5. Let me reverse this. John Cena is a thirty five year old man wearing a matching shirt, cap, and wrist bands. He comes out to intense rap music and never even goes heel.
  6. So how is that reversing it? Cena isn't trying to recapture the spark he had 10 years ago is he? He never changed. The point I'm making is The Rock is attempting to do the same shit he did the last time he was around when it doesn't work because he's aged too much so he looks like he's trying to relive his glory days rather than rebuild a feud. Why couldn't they book it as Rock is the returning legend wondering if he can still do it, whilst Cena is becoming more and more arrogant as he doubts he can. How bad does it make everyone else look if Rock just goes straight a head and betters all of them after 7 years out?
  7. I don't disagree with you, but gimmicks are ageless. Triple H will be The Game when he's 57. They probably have Rocky talking like a youngster because it appeals to an older demographic that remember watching him wrestle and speak on the mic. I don't think it makes sense now, but he's trying to be a Dwayne-Rock hybrid, and it isn't going well because he can't stop falling back on The Rock persona.
  8. Im sure u would book it that way, but no i dont expect the wwe board of directors to be that retarded.
    The main thing about rock is his arrogance, thats his character, without it half the sparks would be gone. Loosing to rock doesnt make anyone look bad.

    And i find this epicly funny:-
    Rock :- a 40 year old man whos coming back from retirement to fight and still has better in ring moves than cena.
    Cena :- a 35 year old man, whos looking for a push to get his career to a new high. Seriously they are only 5 years apart and that makes john cena the rising star and rock the old retired pro? It really makes no sense whatsoever. Wrestlers like Ric Flair started their WWF careers around that age.
  9. I can see that as they're giving the majority what they want it just bugs me at times. I agree they're pushing this hybrid too much, he can't really be The Rock anymore as we all know him as the actor now. If it was me Dwayne would have been feuding with Cena but he'd gradually turn to The Rock closer to Mania. Like he's reaching deep down. Then again that's probably abit too metaphorical for the WWE.

    JeebaK where did I call Cena the rising star? He would be the face who doubts The Rock could hang with him anymore. Seriously you'd push Golddust to the Main Event and have every Raw on YouTube if you had the booking power so how can you complain about any other idea. Just get back to performing SQL injection attacks because backups don't matter.
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  10. Dont forget the orangle attire, white gentleman, and kid's superhero parts.
  11. White n-.. what?? That's really rude, man.
  12. Just seen that edited out and gave him a warning. Any more of that JeebaK and you'll be banned. Also before you say it no you won't cause any issues with the site.
  13. How has that buffoon not been banned yet? Damn!
  14. Don't want to ban anyone permanently tbh, he's been on a day ban before.
  15. Neither would I, @Seabs, but as a new member it seems like he gets special treatment.
  16. He doesn't trust me. He's been banned once before and will probably be again. Also to tag just use this code
  17. @[seabs] I know. He just insults Crayo and you a ton and it seems to get shoved under the rug, but I'll take your word for it, since I joined like three days ago.
  18. Honestly I think people are just desperate to hate on the Rock for whatever reason. I see it all over the Internet
  19. I don't mind him insulting me or Crayo as it comes with the territory but as soon as he flames other members just use the report button and he'll be dealt with.

    @[Dolph'sZiggler] I'm not trying to hate on him tbh, he's a true legend and I think I mentioned it in my OP but I just don't find it as good as he could be. Similarly to Punk he's great but you made a thread pointing out his flaws it's not hating rather a judgement of circumstances.
  20. Not saying you in particular, just that I've seen a ton of people who would rather complain about Rock saying kung pao bitch instead of enjoying him being back.
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